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Reeleezee API is based on REST Architectural style. To know more please click on this link.

Login process of Reeleezee API is very easy. Consumers can obtain Login Credentials from the Reeleezee Administration and use same credentials to login in API. One must make sure that credentials are backed up with correct permission. Login process is also having Basic Authentication process.

Basic Authentication is a standard authentication system where user provides username and password (login credentials) as a Base 64 string header. This process is repeated for each call of API request and the transmission of credentials is encrypted over SSL and use of the “Authorization” header is ubiquitous in HTTP clients and systems.

Please read about calling Reeleezee API on this link.

Reeleezee API followsData V4 specifications.

A request URI can be created with multiple system query options to fetch specific data with specific level/property expansion.


OData provides flexibility to filter the data retrieval as per the need. To achieve this, when a request URI is specified with a $filter system query option, it returns the results set of matching filter criteria. See Example in this section.

To retrieve certain amount of data at a time OData supports the $top and $skip system query options which can be combined with other system query options. The $top system query option can be used to fetch specified top records. See detailed example and explanation here.

Yes Reeleezee API do support Sorting. To retrieve the data in specific order of particular field of collection, OData offers $orderby system query option. By specifying the column, and order preference i.e. ascending or descending, one can achieve the same.Example: Request a list of products ordered by the salesprice descending:

/api/v1/products?$orderby=SalesPrice desc

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