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Version 21 January 2021

When you visit our websites, domains and/or products (“Websites”), your data is collected and stored using cookies. In this Cookie Policy you can read which information is collected and what it is used for ("Cookie Policy"). In addition, we provide an explanation of what you can do if you want to change your cookie preferences.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are stored on the hard disk of your computer or smartphone during a visit to the Websites via your browser. Cookies have various functions such as:

  • Remembering the login name or settings;
  • Your preferences are stored so that you only have to enter this once;
  • Tracking surfing behavior so we can optimize the Websites for visitors;
  • Content and advertisements can be tailored to your area of ​​interest;

The use of cookies is safe and cookies are never used to retrieve any sensitive personal information such as passwords. The law states that we can store cookies on your device if they are strictly necessary for the operation of these Websites. For all other types of cookies we ask for your permission.

The different types of cookies


This enables Websites to remember which choices you made during a website visit. These cookies are used, for example, to store preferences such as text size and font. These cookies are necessary for the Website to work properly and therefore these cookies are stored by default.


These cookies collect information about visitor behavior on Websites, for example which pages you visit frequently. Based on this data, Websites and their navigation can be optimized. These cookies are also used to keep track of how you ended up on a website.


These cookies follow a user for a longer period of time across various Websites and are able to build up a profile. This allows a visitor to be segmented for specific interest. These cookies are often used to advertise online in a more targeted way. An advertisement network places a cookie on the computer or smartphone of the visitor via a third-party site. This cookie can be read by the network on the Website located in this advertisement network.

Which cookies are used by Exact?

To make the your to our Websites better, Exact uses the above-mentioned types of cookies. Below you will find a comprehensive overview including explanation for each cookie.

When entering our Websites for the first time, you are informed about the use of these cookies in the cookie banner at the bottom of our Websites. You can consent to the use of cookies by clicking the ‘Accept and Close’ button. If you disable cookies, our Websites may as a result not operate in the best possible and most efficient manner. Our Websites use cookies that are necessary to provide the required service and functionality, or which are used to communicate with the user. These cookies can be used without providing prior information or requesting prior consent from the Websites user.

If you consent to the use of marketing cookies, we can collect data on your behavior on our Websites, and which webpages you visit on our Websites. These cookies are often used to advertise online in a more targeted way and for specific interests. We also analyze the data collected, to link devices that you use, to show you targeted offers and to customize your online experience. For more information visit our Privacy Statement.

Cookie Description Website Type
_gcl_au, _ga, _gas, _ga_0SWYGNDPGG, _gid, _utme, pdp-visits, qualified-traffic-check Google Marketing Platform: Client-side and Server-side ID's of visitors, web surfing behaviour for personalising content and reporting
_fb.1.1630415194414.533155642, _li_id.02e5, _li_ses.02e5 Social media channel tracking for campaign personalisation and reporting Analytical
__cfduid, trwv.uid CloudFront caching: ID's of session so Exact can show webpages faster Functional
__ncuid, _dc_gtm_UA-4630958-6, IDE DoubleClick: ID's of visitors for more relevant advertisements and reporting Marketing
_gaexp Google Optimize: ID’s of A/B experiments and personalisation campaigns for more relevant content Analytical
_jsuid, rxVisitor Onbekend: ID's of session for reporting Analytical
cookieconsent_status, functionalCookies-optIn, analyticsCookies-optIn, advertisingCookies-optIn Cookie consent and preferences Functional
intercom-id-u31mumf0 Intercom chat: ID's of visitors to continue chat conversations Functional
X-Salesforce-CHAT, liveagent_oref, liveagent_ptid, liveagent_sid, liveagent_vc Exact Online chat: ID's of visitors to continue chat conversations .exactonline.[country] Functional
mijnkantoorbanner MijnKantoor campaign: Tracking campaign impressions Analytical
optimizelyBuckets, optimizelyEndUserId, optimizelySegments Optimizely: ID's of experiments and sessions for A/B testing
ASP.NET_SessionId, EOL.TOTP.[id], ExactOnlineClient, ExactOnlineLogin, ExactServer{id}, MCDCID, PERSIST-EXACT Exact Online: Login id's and server information .exactonline.[country] Functional
akacd_migration Akamai: IDs of sessions for A/B testing .exactonline.[country] Functional
AWSALB,AWSALBCORS Amazon Web Services: IDs of sessions for load balancing .exactonline.[country] Functional
_clck Persists the Clarity User ID and preferences. This ensures that behaviour in subsequent visits to the site will be attributed to the same user.
_clsk Connects multiple page views by a user into a single Clarity session recording

Your consent and preferences apply to the following domains:

Do you want to change your cookie preferences?

You can easily change your cookie preferences by clicking the button below. The cookie banner will appear, where you can toggle the various types of cookies. If you do decide to turn off cookies, please be aware that you may not be able to use all of the services on our Websites.

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