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There is a great deal of innovation within each solution. The goal: to boost your insight, let you work more efficiently and increase ease of use. See what we're doing within your product.

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Do you have a specific idea, solution or need? But you don't see them on the schedule? Submit your idea via the Support Community, or vote on ideas from others, and who knows, maybe our developers will soon be working on it.

We do our utmost to achieve the scheduled innovations. However, we would like to emphasise that this schedule is subject to change at any time due to certain circumstances. No rights can be derived from this.

KPI monitor

Exact Online Accountancy

In Exact Online, you can already retrieve various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) together with the corresponding benchmarks. However, retrieving and maintaining all this for each company requires quite a lot of work . That is why we are also working on a so-called KPI monitor that allows you to keep track of specific KPIs you can select for each company. We will keep an eye on all your companies for you and we will alert you when a certain KPI exceeds a fixed upper or lower limit. This enables your branch to proactively alert your clients when certain expected or unexpected opportunities arise or to warn your client about specific threats.

Updating CRM with the PBC questionnaire

Exact Online Accountancy

The Prepare-By-Client questionnaires about functionality are being expanded with the option to process answers directly in your CRM. You can link a question to a field on the loyalty card. As soon as the answer comes in from the client and you accept the answer, the field will be instantly updated. This used to involve a lot of manual work. It actually enables your clients to maintain your CRM , even though your branch stays in control thanks to the check before the client information is actually updated. This ensures an optimal CRM that is complete, correct and up to date.

Easier and faster budgeting

Exact Online Accountancy

In the current version, you can enter the budget manually for each general ledger account and for each period. You can soon save a lot of time simply by generating a budget based on the previous year or another budget scenario. It will also be possible to base the budget on a classification and to enter a total amount for the entire year. We will then divide the amount nicely over the year, taking into account any seasonal effects.

Sharing multiple advice dashboard pages

Exact Online Accountancy

Right now, you can already share an advice dashboard with the My[Kantoor] user or the linked client. The branch can put together such an advice dashboard based on a rich library of so-called widgets with all sorts of key indicators.

We will expand this functionality further by enabling you to share multiple dashboard pages with your client. This will allow you to present more information more clearly on both My[Kantoor] and the advice dashboard.

My[Kantoor] is the digital collaboration environment the branch provides to its clients for delivery, communication and insight.

Upgraded Balance Sheet/P&L My[Kantoor]

Exact Online Accountancy

The balance sheet and profit and loss account will soon have a new look and feel for the My[Kantoor] user. The new layout is easy to read and makes it easy to compare certain figures with previous periods or different budget scenarios. The various components of the profit and loss account are also expressed as a percentage of turnover. This updated summary can also be added to the My[Kantoor] dashboard as a widget. This will give your clients immediate access, so they will no longer have to look for the balance sheet and profit and loss account.

My[Kantoor] is the digital collaboration environment the branch provides to its clients for delivery, communication and insight.

More than two decimals in quantities

Exact Online Boekhouden Handel Productie

In Exact Online it is possible to register quantities with a precision of two decimals. We are currently working to increase the quantity precision to three decimals for quantities. This is especially useful when working with bulk goods, raw materials, precious metals and manufacturing in general.

By increasing the precision, unwanted rounding of quantities can be prevented. This change will be made available in all editions of Exact Online Accounting, Wholesale Distribution, Manufacturing and Project management.

Exact WMS: Scanning multiple serial numbers in 1 QR code

Exact Globe Exact Globe+

With Exact WMS you digitize the processes in the warehouse, using barcode scanning. At order picking we use the handheld scanner to register the goods that need to be picked and send to the customer. In a lot of cases you need to register the picked serial numbers as well. By that you can trace back which numbers are delivered to the customer.

When delivering multiple items, you need to scan the individual serial numbers. To save time these serial numbers can be combined in one 2d barcode which is available on the box.

Soon we will support the option to scan this 2d barcode and then register the pick of all the serial numbers inside the box! Instead of opening the box and scanning all the numbers inside, you just scan one barcode, saving you a lot of time, possible errors and making the picking process even faster.

Creating a new financial year automatically

Exact Online

While you must create a new financial year manually at the moment, this process will soon become fully automatic. Choose how many weeks before the end of the current financial year to generate the new financial year yourself. Exact will adjust any number sequences in your administration such as references or invoice numbers for you automatically, based on your chosen format.

Support of the Luxembourg Standard Chart of Accounts (PCN) by Exact Online

Exact Online

In 2020, the revised standard chart of accounts of Luxembourg has been introduced by the Grand-Ducal Regulation, resulting in a new version of the Plan Comptable Normalisé (PCN). It's mandatory for entrepreneurs and accountants to use this standard chart for official reporting such as audit files and balance sheets. In the near future, both the old as the new PCN will be supported by Exact Online.

Native PDF engine support in Exact Globe+

Exact Globe Exact Globe+

The technology of our latest Exact Globe+ product has been completely updated. This solution is even easier and faster to use and has a contemporary look and feel. We have also updated a number of functionalities, such as the native PDF engine support.

When you have created documents, you may wish to print them in PDF format. You can generate a native PDF print in Globe+. This means you do not have to select the correct PDF format manually. This also ensures full compatibility with the installed fonts. You no longer have to use a trial and error method with barcode fonts or fonts with specific characters, for example. Finally, the document is now identical to the printed version in terms of text alignment, margins and so on. The settings for the PDF and printed versions match perfectly!

Support for native Windows print engine in Exact Globe+

Exact Globe Exact Globe+

The technology of our latest Exact Globe+ product has been completely updated. This solution is even easier and faster to use and has a contemporary look and feel. We have also updated a number of functionalities, such as the printing options.

The Exact-specific functionality, such as the printing of forms, remains intact and the new native Windows print engine ensures full compatibility in every situation. You can use the standard print drivers available in Microsoft Windows. This makes setting up the printers and printing itself far easier, for example when printing in an RDS or Citrix environment. Finally, other fonts such as corporate style fonts and barcodes are now also available.

Install Exact Globe+ more easily and faster with the new software installer

Exact Globe Exact Globe+

The technology of our latest Exact Globe+ product has been completely updated. This solution is even easier and faster to use and has a contemporary look and feel. We have also updated a number of functionalities, such as the new software installer.

This new Exact installer makes life a lot easier. You can log in with your Exact account and the installer will take over your existing installation settings. The installer will guide you through the installation process step-by-step. This makes updates and upgrades much easier. In the meantime, stay up-to-date with our latest innovations.

My[Firm] ready for PSD2

Exact Online Accountancy

In line with recent PSD2 developments, we are making sure that you can use My[Firm] for practical cooperation with your customer, for example by creating or extending automated bank feeds. We are also building a status overview of your automated bank feeds across different companies so that you are always in control.

Improved functionality as regards materials

Exact Online Exact bouw7

We shall soon be making several improvements as regards materials in Exact bouw7. In addition to improvements in the import and export function, it will soon be possible to implement changes in bulk. Additional fields will become available for each material and users will be able to assign groups, VAT codes, types and sizes to materials, for example. You can use type to assign materials to your stock or to a price list.

Further integration between Exact CRM and Fiscaal Gemak

Exact Online Accountancy

It was already possible to zoom in next to the entry in Fiscaal Gemak and Rapportage Gemak. Soon it will also be possible to open and view the original accounting documents.

VAT return in Fiscaal Gemak
As some offices want to manage all VAT returns in Fiscaal Gemak, the returns will soon be transferred to Fiscaal Gemak. The VAT return is recalculated with the annual accounts and corporate tax return to check whether the turnover and balance sheet position corresponds. In the event of a deviation, a notification will appear. The further workflow for forwarding the returns to the tax authorities for approval including feedback to Exact Online Accountancy can be arranged for each office.

Exact Online CRM integration
The CRM data in Exact Online Accountancy CRM is transferred to Fiscaal Gemak and Rapportage Gemak after an update.

Debtor management in Exact Online

Exact Online Accounting

Most of your clients are very willing to pay your invoices, but sometimes they do need some extra help to get in action. This year Exact will launch a new way of debtor management to make sure you get paid sooner and easier, while not losing sight on your customer relationships. Are you curious about this new Exact solution? More news wil follow soon.

Further integration of financial data and insight into the VAT to be recovered

Exact Globe Exact Globe+Exact Synergy Expense Management

In Expense Management, continuous work is underway to further improve the User Interface. In addition, financial data will be further integrated between various Exact systems. You will also have a clear idea of the VAT to be recovered.


Exact Online Exact Globe Exact Globe+Exact Synergy Purchase to Pay

An authorisation workflow will soon also be added behind the contract management module. Contracts can then be approved on the basis of the established authorisation schedule.


Exact Online Exact Globe Exact Globe+Exact Synergy Purchase to Pay

Purchase to Pay will also provide you with more reporting insights into your purchasing management.


Exact Online Exact Globe Exact Globe+Exact Synergy Purchase to Pay

In the future, payments made via Exact will be automatically retrieved in Purchase to Pay. The advantage of this is that, as a budget holder or creditor administrator, you only need to launch Purchase to Pay to see whether invoices have been paid. You no longer need to check in Exact Online and/or call the accounts payable department. We are also working hard to improve integration with Globe and Financials via an Elis, CMDM or Integrator link.

Improved user interface

Exact Online Exact Globe Exact Globe+Exact Synergy Purchase to Pay

As some say, the current user interface is "not sexy” anymore. We are therefore working hard to improve the user interface and experience of Purchase to Pay. As usual, the house style will be more in line with the Exact house style. In addition, the interface will also be modernised. Among other things, the search functions and buttons are adapted.

International Business

Exact Globe Exact Globe+

Doing business internationally presents its challenges: insight across different locations, compliance with local legislation and regulations and different languages, cultures and currencies. Exact for International Business provides the optimum solution for companies in international environments. It enables us to continuously collect and analyse news and information about upcoming legal requirements proactively. Every month you get improvements and changes through product updates. This ensures that you comply with the legislation in the countries in which you operate.

Step up to the latest technology: Exact Globe+

Exact Globe Exact Globe+

Last November, the updated Exact Globe+ software was announced. The software adds to the current Exact Globe suite: it is more user-friendly, has received a full upgrade in terms of technology, and is equipped to incorporate future innovations. In the meantime, the first customers are working with this new version as part of a controlled release. In the coming months, this group of users will gradually be expanded to include companies that will use more features in Globe+. The standard Exact Globe+ software is available free of charge to Exact Globe and Exact Business Software customers with a valid maintenance agreement or subscription licence.

Single Sign-On

Exact Online Exact bouw7

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a form of authentication where you, as a user, only have to log in once to access multiple applications. This means that you will soon have to log in to just one environment instead of several. Extremely efficient and convenient!

Real-time work-in-progress bookings to your financial administration

Exact Online Exact bouw7

To ensure that the project administration is the same as your financial administration, we will soon be booking all entries made in your project administration directly to Exact Online. These project costs are then created in Exact Online as memorial entries in the correct administration. Then we make sure that when the project is closed, the costs and proceeds are posted to the P&L account.

Developments in Exact Online HR

Exact Online HR Payroll

We proudly launched Exact Online HR at the end of November 2021. With our new online HR software you manage your entire HR administration in one single platform. In 2022 we will continue to develop this new solution.

Always up-to-date information from your bank in Exact Online

Exact Online Accounting

For years, Exact Online has had links with the larger banks, allowing you to automatically process your banking transactions in your accounts on a daily basis. In 2021, we will go one step further and expand the number of linked banks. All the new links that we are launching meet the PSD2 standards, where applicable. This means that you will automatically receive up-to-date information in your accounts at least four times a day.

Support of BarTender 2021R2

Exact Globe Exact Globe+Wholesale Distribution Manufacturing

With Exact Warehouse Management (Exact WMS) you automate your physical flows of goods and you optimize your logistics process through barcode scanning. Labels with barcodes can be printed automatically in the process. Think of pallet labels or product labels with barcodes that are printed with receipts from a supplier or from production. BarTender is a professional tool for printing such labels and is integrated with Exact WMS. From now on Exact WMS supports the most recent version of BarTender, namely release 2021R2.

The new web services for Exact WMS make digital connections even easier

Exact Globe Exact Globe+Wholesale Distribution Manufacturing

Exact Warehouse Management (Exact WMS) enables you to digitise the processes in your warehouse, from receipts, movements and counting, to replenishing pick locations and, of course, picking your goods. While barcode scanners are still the most common tool, digital connections are quickly on the rise, enabling you to link your warehouse management software with other systems, such as warehouse paternosters, dispatch solutions, tablets and more. New web services for Exact WMS let you embrace the possibilities of connectivity even further. They make it easier than ever to digitally connect Exact WMS with other systems you use.

Tips to make working with the Exact Synergy app even easier

Exact Synergy

The Exact Synergy app offers the user the possibility to work everywhere. In version 5.2 some functionalities of the app will be brought under the attention of the user via Tips. With these tips, the user will be able to use the app even better. The user can reset the tips if he needs to see them again.

Accounts nearby a specific account witn the Exact Synergy app

Exact Synergy

The Exact Synergy app offers the user the possibility to work everywhere.

The app already offered the user to see which accounts were nearby the location of the user of the app. With version 5.2 of the app it will be possible to also see accounts that are nearby a specific account.

Enter hours in the Exact Synergy app

Exact Synergy

The Exact Synergy app offers the user the possibility to work everywhere. As of version 5.2 of the app it will be possible to also enter hours in the Exact Synergy app and having all functionality to do your work in 1 app.

Note: the Field Service H app will remain next to the Synergy app.

Creating, editing and viewing documents in the Exact Synergy app

Exact Synergy

The Exact Synergy app offers the user the possibility to work everywhere. As of version 5.2 of the app (in combination with PU 266 SP6) it will be possible to not only read a document, but also to edit and even create a document.

The new app for Service Management

Exact Synergy

Excellent service to your customer also requires a digital service management process. Exact Service Management enables you to work digitally, not only in the office, but also on the road and at the customer's premises to prevent or remedy faults. We will soon be launching a completely new app for the Service Engineer. One app for both offline and online working. With improved serial number search, configuration, product name, modern design with dark mode support and more. This Field Service H app is not only available on iOS and Android, but is also easy to use on your laptop. This gives the engineer everything from assignments to product documentation to the digital work order for signing off.

Collaborate securely and efficiently throughout the supply chain

Exact Online Wholesale Distribution Manufacturing

The fast, safe and reliable exchange of purchase orders and product data, among other things, is becoming increasingly the norm. No more emails, phone calls or PDF documents, but a digital chain collaboration where you can only exchange electronic messages from your ERP system directly to your supplier's or customer's ERP system. Exact is also working on further digitising the chain. For example, we are working on the efficient exchange of purchase orders with affiliated companies via the Smart Connected Supplier Network.

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