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REST API limits

To ensure proper performance of the REST API for all users, we suggest following points to avoid unnecessarily excessive use of REST APIs. Following are such guidelines which would help you to overcome REST API limits and achieve just what you want:

  • Avoid repeatedly requesting resources within a short time, especially in the case of resources that are not changed regularly.
  • Ask only data that you need. If you already know that you are a only a certain subset of the invoices list has required give these parameters then join in the $ Filter and $ select queries. If you just want to retrieve a specific resource, use the GUID

For example:
  • Strive for regular automated calls as much as possible to let off outside office feed.

There is some default limitation on REST API. Therefor those are implicitly applied to Reeleezee API:

  • Up to 60 REST API calls per minute
  • Up to 60 records per call (only applicable to the import function of the REST API)
  • The same REST API login cannot be used for multiple simultaneous REST API calls. In such case will recover the second call a response that the REST API login is already in use is.
  • In three consecutive incorrect import data to Reeleezee administration within 1 minute, the corresponding REST API login for 10 minutes will be blocked. This will also be given in the response, so you can have your code respond to it and thus not unsuccessfully keeps trying to read the same data.

In future, there may be additional limits applied in the future or limits may expire for these specific parameters. We will keep you informed. 

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