Developer documentation

Response and error codes

Basically responses status and error codes are divided into five ranges.

1xx Informational Defines request received and continuing further process to serve request
2xx Success The request requested by client has been received, understood, accepted and processed successfully
3xx Redirection Indicate client to must take further action to complete request
4xx Client error Defines situations when client seems to have erred
5xx Server error Defined situations when server failed to serve valid request


In above list the range 4xx for client errors defines functional response error as below.


400 Bad request This is the default response of error. Main cause of this error would be incorrect data send from the client in PUT request
401 Unauthorized Request with incorrect credentials
402 PaymentRequired License expired or Administration is blocked
403 Forbidden Invalid user type
404 NotFound Requested resource doesn’t exists
405 MethodNotAllowed Requested action is not supported
406 NotAcceptable Request send with wrong header details
409 Conflict Request can not be processed because of conflict in request data
410 Gone Application resource or entity marked for deletion successfully
429 ToManyRequests Same request executed many times for a given time period
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