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Capitalise on change

Realize profit margins

Protecting your profits is a constant challenge. Your rates are being squeezed, assortments are expanding, delivery frequency is increasing, volumes are shrinking. To stay ahead, you need outstanding efficiency.

We can give it to you. Smart warehouse management solutions and portal access empower all stakeholders. Continually up to date with your current situation, your suppliers can drive your purchasing from their end. Stock optimised, workload reduced.

Ensure compliance

Legislation is becoming more complex for you and your customers. As your administration increases in volume and difficulty, so does the potential for mistakes.

We can offer you full financial, fiscal, legislative and regulatory integration with your business processes. With all your information available and inter-linked with operational procedures in one system, you can be confident of compliance at every stage.

Invest in service

Wholesalers are no longer your only competitors. Retailers are joining forces. Manufacturers now supply direct. Offering a fair price, quality and reliability is no longer enough.

By offering additional services, you can create extra value, differentiate and attract new customers. We can help you manage your portfolio of extra activities. Whatever they are doing, we’ll ensure all your people can access what they need, when they need it.

Benefit from global experience

More and more of your work is international. In addition to cultural differences, you’re faced with practical hurdles like tax legislation and foreign exchange.

We have customers in 125 countries, and extensive knowledge of operating across international markets. With our worldwide expertise, you’ll be in position to capitalise on growth opportunities – wherever they’re waiting for you.

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Thanks to Exact we can now focus more on the needs of our customers.
Van Wijngaarden

Van Wijngaarden

Despite the growth of the company our office still has the same number of staff, which is really saying something.