Menken Orlando

Menken Orlando B.V. is a family business from The Netherlands, managed by Robert Menken, Peter-Paul Menken and Nico Hendriksen. The company, which was originally founded in 1952, develops tailormade food concepts for retail and food service customers throughout Europe. The concepts are supplied under private label or as one of Menken Orlando’s own brands. Menken Orlando focuses on three occasions of use: drinks, dining and sweet snacks.

If a customer wants a product with a 99.5% delivery performance, they choose WMS.

Old situation

Menken Orlando has worked with Exact for DOS since 1986. But over time and with the growth of the company, there is a need to include increased functionality in the system. The company was ready for a new package.

The solution

Menken Orlando is able to include many of its business processes in Exact Globe. Exact Globe is a solution specifically in the area of manufacturing and logistics. Currently, Exact Synergy is being implemented for the workflows.


  • Far more functionality in a range of systems
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness thanks to Exact Globe
  • All information stored in Exact Globe
  • Improved management information through QlikView and Crystal Report
  • Improved inventory management and logistics
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