Bugaboo International

Bugaboo, a Dutch company that makes mobility products, has sales offices located across the entire world. Bugaboo was founded in 1999 by designer Max Barenbrug and doctor Eduard Zanen, its mission being to further inspire already dynamic people. Bugaboo’s drive for innovative solutions has resulted in people no longer feeling inhibited to hit the trail and discover the world – with their child! Into the towns and forests, through the sand and snow, Bugaboo will not stand in your way!

We looked at a range of systems, including the major players with ERP packages. However, we concluded that we are still very satisfied with Exact and in combination with a number of custom solutions, we can continue for a number of years to come.

Old situation

When Bugaboo began as a small start-up in 1999, the team consisted of only six people. The focus was on the Dutch market. In 10 years, Bugaboo has grown into a global player in the mobility sector. This enormous growth also had consequences for the design of the software. Exact Globe, previously Exact for Windows, was used right from the start.

The solution

The Bugaboo team has now expanded into a major international organisation with a factory in China, six warehouses and eight offices spread throughout the world. Exact Globe and Exact Synergy are used by the entire organisation. Along with a number of external consultants, the IT department focuses on managing the systems and their further development. This with the objective of enabling all offices to communicate with each other.


  • All offices work on the same systems globally
  • Systems are mutually integrated with each other, everything can be retrieved easily
  • The information is stored in a structured manner
  • It is transparent and userfriendly
  • Attractive price-quality ratio
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