We're Looking for New Colleagues

Looking for a fresh challenge? Are you actively working on your own development? As a market leader in financial and business software, we know exactly how that feels. Day in, day out, our 2,050 specialists work on changes and improvements. They ensure that in a world where developments occur in rapid succession, both we and our customers stay one step ahead.

Check out our vacancies and internships now and who knows, you could soon be signing up for your own dose of challenge and innovation!

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As Exact offers so many different products, we are organised into various teams, in which our employees work with a great deal of drive and satisfaction. To name a few, Sales is where those with commercial talents work their magic, Marketing is home to our marketing and communication gurus and Finance ensures that all the numbers add up. Our Technology team spends its days working on new and existing products and Customer Success ensures our customers get the right solutions. And as we continue to grow, we're always in need of new colleagues! Will you be the next to join us?

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