Overview of all Exact products

In addition to our financial products, we offer specific solutions for accountants, manufacturing companies, wholesalers, service providers and more.

Add CRM to your product for real-time availability of all your financial information, client data and product information. Expand your software's functionality at the click of a button with 220+ add-ons. No other accounting platform offers more options to connect with other programs at this level.

Financial solutions

Our financial software is the heart of any enterprise. Full consolidation of all financial processes allows you to make the right strategic decisions, while international transactions can be handled in the (private) cloud or on your own server.


Integration of all financial processes

Exact for Finance enables full integration of all your financial processes, from accounting and risk management to financial project administration. In short:

  • Flawless financial administration
  • Insight into cash flow and performance
  • Full international support

ERP solutions

Exact's ERP solutions link and automate all of your company's business operations in a single centralised system – whether you have a single office or multiple locations, or if you are internationally active.


ERP software for modern manufacturing companies

Exact for Manufacturing's ERP software provides a single solution for your manufacturing processes. Save on costs and reduce errors by digitising your warehouse and shop floor. Get rid of all your paper work orders and pick lists. 

Wholesale Distribution

An all-in-one solution for your financial administration and logistics processes.

Exact for Wholesale Distribution's software provides a single system for your order and stock management, accounting and relationship management. Prevent errors due to double entry and gain a real-time view of your stocks, sales and margins.

Hours & Billing and Project Management

Want insight into your projects and error-free, timely billing?

Insight into your projects at all times, integrated with your accounting and CRM. A summary of the benefits:
  • Prompt, accurate billing
  • More billable hours
  • Fixed income due to subscriptions

Streamline your business processes

Exact for HRM

Exact's HRM software enables you to streamline the entire HR cycle from payroll administration and personnel planning to performance management. Work together in a transparent way in one system. Allow your employees to handle their HR affairs with the self-service app.

Exact for CRM

Exact for CRM management allows you to easily optimise all your customer relations. The online CRM system is a central place for all your customer data and can be accessed by each employee.

Business Management

Exact for Business Management enables you to integrate all your business processes. No more hassle with different applications and different data. Exact for BM translates complex processes into clear activities.

Exact add-ons

Online shops, banks, sector-specific software... These are all online services that firms can no longer afford to do without. Luckily, they can be linked to our business software using add-ons. You can find the most common add-ons here. Go to the Add-on Center for an overview of all certified apps, sorted by category and sector. A few clicks are enough to link or try them out. Shopping for all your online business software needs couldn't be simpler. 

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