Always in development

All successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common: an insatiable appetite for new knowledge and ideas. This is why we provide our customers with a broad range of training and e-learning courses. They are designed to ensure that you keep evolving – just like Exact software.

The right training for everyone

Exact offers a wide range of training courses – whether on location, online or via a traditional channel – designed to help you get more from your software. Log in to the customer portal and view the full range.

Exact Online

Exact Online makes it easy and viable for SMEs to transfer their activities to the cloud. Our training courses – which cover everything from accounting to project management – are available to you, whatever package you choose: Basic, Advanced or Premium.

Exact Globe

Exact Globe enables you to establish the administrative basis for your entire business process, all at once. Our wide range of training courses covers everything from basic financial training to end-of-year processing.

Exact Synergy

Exact Synergy structures your business processes, integrates information streams and gives your employees the tools they need to work together as effectively as possible. Whether you use Synergy for HRM, CRM or document management, our courses cover everything you need.

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