No Hands Accounting frees up time for financials

Creativity creates value, but this takes time. You can free up more time by having all your repetitive work automated. This will in turn allow you to improve the advice you give as an accountant, controller or CFO. 

From accountant to digital CFO

All successful companies have one thing in common: their financial management is solid as a rock. Thanks to automation, the accounting is always up to date. The software processes invoices, bank files and statements in the background. An alert is raised in case of any discrepancies. As a result, the data is correct and you have more time to offer valuable advice.

No Hands Accounting with Exact

With Exact's financial solutions, you are well prepared to continue to play a relevant role in the Internet of Business with connected systems, machines and people. No Hands Accounting is based on automated bookkeeping, electronic invoices and digital statements.

Our 3 key benefits

Solid insight into your company at all times

You can use your laptop and mobile app for continuous insight into your company. Finding and retaining customers is where it all starts for all companies. That is why all our cloud and mobile solutions include invoicing and customer relationship management.

Let the robot do the work

Thanks to our use of artificial intelligence, your administration, logistics and manufacturing will be a piece of cake. Send electronic invoices that are paid immediately and automatic reminders in case this does not happen.

Benefit from a powerful ecosystem

Exact is the best platform for your collaboration with your accountant. It allows your accountant to give you far more targeted advice in far less time. This is one of the reasons why accountants have recommended Exact for 35 years. The Exact App Centre gives you access to 700 apps. This enables you to link all the features you need to your financial software.

How Exact supports your financial administration

UBL Standard

In the coming years, electronic invoicing in Universal Business Language (UBL) will become the new standard. UBL is used to exchange invoices electronically without any manual work between companies, but also between companies and governments. This can also be done completely electronically from one accounting department to another. The invoices are sent directly to accounting via the PEPPOL platform. This reduces the risk of errors when invoices are processed.

Advantages for your financial administration with Exact

Exact gives you the full financial overview. Our financial dashboards and reports give you direct insight into all of your financial processes – from an interactive balance, budget and cash flow to checks and audits. Risk management, compliance and control – everything together in one financial package. Take advantage of financial project management and reduce manual work thanks to digital processing and automatic invoice entry. Other benefits are:

  • 6 real-time dashboards: sales, costs, results, liquid assets, risk and management
  • International operations: including languages and rules and regulations (legislations) in more than 40 countries
  • Waste less time and increase the quality: with central master data for all administrations
  • Quick and clear approval anytime, anywhere

International financial software

In today's digital 24/7 economy, business is almost always international. Whether you already have international sites, you want to open some, or you require an overview of international partners, suppliers, customers and/or competitors: if your financial processes are in order, you can control and expand your growth. Exact's financial software enables you to work in a single central system in all countries. This enables you to achieve rapid standardisation, uniformity and compliance with local and international legislation and regulations in a standard, out-of-the-box financial management system.

Read more about International Business

Purchase to Pay (P2P)

Procure to pay or purchase to pay automates your processes from purchasing to accounts payable, from purchase requests for products or services to the final invoices and payments. This process often still has a lot of room for improvement. On the procurement side, the ordering process can become smarter and on the back office side, accounts payable can be improved.

With Exact Purchase to Pay, you are in control of the expenditure of your entire organisation. Optimise your procurement processes with a visible financial result.

Business Intelligence and reporting

Our business intelligence tool Exact Insights gives you a standard finance dashboard. It makes it easy for you to quickly convert large amounts of data into meaningful information, organisation-wide KPIs and trends. The 'what if' analysis is a powerful element of the Finance dashboard. The system calculates a number of possible scenarios based on a number of variables you specify. Support your financial analysis with this powerful tool.

All about Exact Insights

Choose your perfect deployment option

Exact provides a single solution that supports all of your processes in every location. Our products are available in various deployment options, enabling you to decide for yourself which type best meets your wishes. Are speed and accessibility top priorities? The Exact Cloud uses the technology developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to make Exact Online available. The Exact Cloud also enables us to take the reins and manage solutions such as Exact Globe and Exact Synergy. Prefer to take care of everything yourself? If so, opt to use our solutions in your own cloud or install them locally.

Discover our deployment options
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Exact grows with you

Simple to use, yet advanced enough to meet your business needs as you grow. We offer a single integrated software suite that takes care of your accounting, HR and payroll, and grows with you to automate all your operational activities. We also offer flexible and customisable process automation to meet your specific business needs, whether you are self-employed, a fast-growing SME or a multinational.

You save costs thanks to the flexible use of functionalities that can be quickly and easily adapted to your needs, possibly with the specialised apps from our ecosystem. Connect solutions when you need to or to get ahead of the competition. This will allow you to grow in a controlled way as you stay in control of your finances, both locally and internationally, from accounting to full international financial management, with solutions for consolidation, statements, procurement management and business intelligence across all your locations.

  • Menken Orlando
  • Bugaboo International
  • Aufderhaar Kunststof Groep BV
  • Tebodin
  • Agrifac Machinery
  • Yogi Tea
  • Qlip

Client testimonialsMenken Orlando

At Menken Orlando we continue to work on the optimisation of our processes, and Exact helps us with this. Using WMS  saves us a lot of time in our inventory management and works very accurately.

Client testimonialsBugaboo International

We looked at a range of systems, including the major players with ERP packages. However, we concluded that we are still very satisfied with Exact and in combination with a number of custom solutions, we can continue for a number of years to come.

Client testimonialsAufderhaar Kunststof Groep BV

As we need to register more information, Exact Synergy ensures we keep the administrative avalanche under control. Since the implementation of Exact Globe and Exact Synergy, we've been able to save time equivalent to 1.5 FTE.

Client testimonialsTebodin

With Exact Globe, we have been able to reduce our reporting time by 20%

Client testimonialsAgrifac Machinery

It's a piece of cake to review or update your production plans in Exact

Client testimonialsYogi Tea

This is how Yogi Tea manages millions of bags of tea around the world. Exact helps us to meet the strict quality requirements set by the FDA and other authorities.

Client testimonialsQlip

Exact is a significant part of our dairy farm assessment system.

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