You want to move your business forward. Exact gives you the tools you need to do so. Especially now. Our strategy is one of continuous innovation to support your business growth and help tackle your challenges. That way you can make the right decisions and maintain your resilience.

Want to know what innovative features you'll find in the Spring '20 release? View the topics and innovation pages now.

Exact Release - Theme 1

Exact Online

Accounting with digital efficiency

The automation of your accounting process continues apace. The goal: to save you time while keeping your accounting accurate and current. Discover the new features and take advantage of all the options.

Exact Online

Digital efficiency in wholesale distribution, manufacturing and services

Delivery reliability, process insight, lack of errors and clear communication: all lead to working more efficiently and higher margins. The new innovative features from Exact help you with this and prepare your business for the future.

Exact Release - Theme 2
Exact Release - Theme 3

Exact Globe, Synergy & Insights

Efficiency and increased ease of use

We haven't stood still in the first few months of 2020. We've paired innovations large and small with a host of new features. The goal: to boost your insight, let you work more efficiently and increase ease of use. Discover how the new innovations can help you with this.

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