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Leverage innovation with Exact for manufacturing – your partner for world class performance

Manufacturers are again in the ascendancy. Technology from 3d-printing to IOT and Robotization are driving smart industry beyond the pioneers. And that’s good, because the consumer is becoming increasingly demanding – in terms of speed, of quality and of service.

Exact software is a smart industry ambassador, helping leading manufacturers to leverage the latest innovations for profitable growth. Exact for manufacturing automates the manufacturing flow from quote to cash, including WMS, MRP, production planning and mobile solutions for the ship floor.

All in one integrated system, ready to roll as an ‘out the box’ solution for more than 40 countries. For businesses with international operations or ambitions, Exact offers unique ROI from business-wide automation.

Exact manufacturing

Experts in food manufacturing

Exact provides best in class automation specific to the food manufacturing industry. In a branch where the trends and regulations evolve at lightening pace, you need software with the power and the flexibility to keep up and keep you in control. With Exact for manufacturing, food safety procedures, traceability, ingredient management are tightly controlled, as is your entire purchasing, warehouse and supply chain management.

Exact supports metal and machinery manufacturers with world class integrated ERP

Manufacturers in the metal and machinery sectors are being increasingly pushed to produce small series, keeping cost low and speed high for customers who hate to wait. That puts the margin under pressure. However, when you can design, implement and automate lean processes from shop floor to top floor, you can get the jump on your low-wage country competitors. Be fast, be flexible, be customer-focused and win market share. That’s how you drive the revenue required for ongoing innovation, product development and sustainable growth.

Leading in electronics and high tech manufacturing

Exact automates major players in the electronics manufacturing sector.

The electronic equipment production and assembly space is enjoying an upturn off the back of increasing digitalization. The downsides are increasingly short product lifecycles, and increasing demand for R&D and engineering to maintain pace.

Changing requirements mean pressure in delivery flexibility, traceability and quality compliance including certifications and product data management. Communication with all stakeholders must be optimized. Warranty management and after sales commitments come closer to the core business.

Exact’s integrated manufacturing solution gives electronics manufacturers the tools to overcome these challenges, bringing speed and efficiency through the chain and keeping the margin out of danger.

Exact for Manufacturing covers your supply chain, warehouse and service management

Retailers have got more power in their hands than ever before. The internet and mobility have changed the rules of doing business. Your business succeeds or fails with its supply chain management. With margins under pressure, you’re focus is the ability to respond fast to a constantly evolving market place.

Exacts manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, WMS and service management functionality is all fully integrated. This gives you the power to know what’s happening at any moment, and act accordingly.

Exact for Manufacturing – the only choice for SMBs with international ambition

Exact’s international business proposition is unique in the MKB. If you are, or plan to operate across borders, Exact’s ability to support your operations effectively is unmatched:

  • One standard ERP solution available out of the box for 40 languages and legislations – run the same software wherever you go
  • Central master data – each location runs the same definitions, ensuring rapid consolidation and lighting fast reporting via integrated business analytics
  • Blueprint implementations – copy your master data and administration set up at each location for highly scalable, fast international roll outs
  • One point of contact – manage one supplier relationship for your whole company by dealing direct with Exact in each country or region, not local resellers

BI with Exact Insights Powered by Qlik

Companies that base their strategic decisions on business intelligence tools outperform their competitors. Especially when employees can integrate, visualise and analyse data themselves using self-service BI data analysis tools.

Our BI tool, Exact Insights, allows you to easily convert large amounts of data into organisation-wide KPIs and trends.

Unlock your big data with integrated Business Intelligence.

Exact Apps

We develop apps centred around you, the user, and your activities. We offer you a completely new user experience that saves you time and money. All our apps are secured with a PIN code, so your information is safe and still easily and quickly accessible. Do you use multiple apps? By simply entering your login details once, you can easily switch between the different apps.

Quick and easy work with Exact Mobile Apps: anytime and anywhere

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Van Wijngaarden

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