Het juiste inzicht met de bedrijfssoftware van Exact

Naast onze financiële producten bieden we specifieke oplossingen voor onder meer accountants, productiebedrijven, groothandels en dienstverleners.

Met CRM als onderdeel van je product heb je realtime inzicht in je financiële informatie, je klantendata en productinformatie. En je software is makkelijk uit te breiden met 220+ add-ons. Geen ander boekhoudplatform levert koppelmogelijkheden op dit niveau!

SME business software

Our SME business software gives you optimal insight into the state of affairs of your company. Our financial software is the beating heart, while our ERP software connects and automates all your business processes. Our online business software also integrates seamlessly with our HR and Payroll solutions. That way you always have access to the right insights. Our varied range of business software is built on several different software platforms.

Financial software for companies

Our financial software for companies is the heart of any enterprise. With Exact’s financial software, you always have the right figures at your fingertips. Make the best strategic decisions now and in the future; locally and internationally, in the (private) cloud or on your own server.


Take your accounting to the next level with our smart accounting software

Exact for Accounting

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International operations?

Expand your software

Work even faster and smarter by adding the right extensions to fit your needs.

Expense claims
Process claims quickly and accurately
Exact SRXP

Take control of your procurement process
Exact Proquro

The complete Financial Performance
Management tool
Exact Consolidation


Exact's ERP solutions link and automate all of your company's business operations in a single centralised system. Whether you have a single office, multiple branches or wish to do business internationally, our SME business software offers you optimal support.

Wholesale Distribution

Digitalise your office, warehouse and chain to consolidate all your processes in a single system.

Exact for Wholesale Distribution

Benefit from specific solutions:


A complete solution for the running of projects, with project management and project administration.

Exact for Projects

Benefit from specific solutions:


Digitalise your office, shop floor, warehouse and production chain to let your data work for you.

Exact for Manufacturing

Benefit from specific solutions:


Use the most complete construction solution for your office and on site.

Exact for Construction

Benefit from specific solutions:

HR & Payroll

Whether you just wish to do payroll administration or automate your full HR cycle, from recruitment to departure. Our reliable, user-friendly HR & payroll software integrates seamlessly with your finances at all times. Smart collaboration with colleagues, employees and clients.


Manage all your HR administration on one platform.

Exact for HR


Take control of the entire remuneration process.

Exact for Payroll

Software platforms

Our varied range of business software helps any business to advance. Exact’s solutions are built on several different software platforms.

Exact Online

Exact Online gives you everything you need in a single integrated online package.

Discover Exact Online

Exact Synergy

Exact Synergy is the foundation of our HRM, CRM and BPM solutions.

Discover Exact Synergy

Exact Globe+

Exact Globe+ is the foundation of our financial and ERP solutions.

Discover Exact Globe+

Exact Financials

Financial software for non-profits and larger businesses with many transactions.

Discover Exact Financials

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