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Exact gives accountants and SMEs time for creativity

Creativity creates real value for your business. Only humans can be creative. In order to be creative you need time. Exact gives you time by automation of all repetitive tasks in your business. When using our connectivity proof finance and ERP-solutions, you are well prepared to stay relevant in the Internet of Business where everything: systems, machines and humans is connected.

Exact in 1984

Who is Exact

Our business was started by a few students in 1984. They believed in serving the entrepreneurial world with information technology. 35 years later and in tommorows connected world (Internet of Businesses) Exact is a frontrunner in business software. Our 1,400 people passionately serve 400,000 SMEs and accountants by continuously delivering innovative solutions. Allowing them manage their numbers and mastering their business every day.

Our ambition

Ultimately, we want to become the “data science department” of each and every SME and Accountancy firm in the Benelux. Our financial and ERP software in the cloud can be connected to the machines, devices and systems of your customers and suppliers. Those connected businesses create more data, which is the outcome of the Internet of Businesses.

By using technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, internet of things and big data, Exact facilitates detailed insights into your business performance. Allowing you to make informed decisions, or offer high quality advice.

How do we give you time?

We are focused to deliver super business software that empowers you to manage your numbers and master your business. When using our software you can automate your processes. The software gives you booking suggestions, matches invoices with bank statements and transforms unstructured communications in to social collaboration. Manage a healthy cashflow, collect and analyse business data. By connecting your ecosystem and collaborate digitally you save time and earn valuable insights.

  • Suit Supply
  • Slachtofferhulp Nederland
  • Omnyacc Van Teylingen

KlantverhalenSuit Supply

Our monthly figures. Always available. Consolidate anytime and anywhere. Always knowing what’s going on. Be in control. With Exact.

Fokke de Jong
CEO| Suit Supply

KlantverhalenSlachtofferhulp Nederland

Exact Synergy has good integration and connection options with chain partners and internal systems. We have a future-proof CRM system enabling us to fulfil our ambitions.

John Tomatala,
Victim Support Netherlands

KlantverhalenOmnyacc Van Teylingen

With No Hands Accounting, we save 4-5 hours per employee per month thanks to bulk processing of invoices, automatic import of bank statements and real-time matching.

Simon Verduin,
Omnyacc Van Teylingen

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