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Manage your numbers, master your business

Our financial software is the core of any business. The basis for every professional is having the right numbers available at the right time to make the right decisions. They can rely on our future-proof software to make informed business decisions to achieve today's goals and tomorrow's ambitions. 
Exact in 1984

Who is Exact

In the 1980s, the first computers came onto the market that were affordable for small and medium-sized businesses. Six students realized this the opportunity this offered in the field of automation. In 1984, they founded the company Exact in Delft and took the first steps in the digitisation of the bookkeeping process. Now, 35 years later, Exact is the market leader in financial and business software. We serve Internationally operating organisations and local businesses. With 1,400 specialists, we help more than 400,000 entrepreneurs and accountants with our innovative software solutions, allowing them to manage their numbers and successfully run their day-to-day business.

Our ambition

Thousands of companies in more than 100 countries rely on Exact software for their business numbers. We embrace artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to improve efficiency and effectiveness of business administration. At Exact, we want you to benefit optimally from the power of AI so that, in the future, you won't have to enter anything manually at all.
Technologies such as machine learning and AI automatically detect how user behaviour and how transactions are being managed. This results in accurate automated decisions and suggestions, which continually improve thanks to the technology’s self-learning capabilities.

Master your business

We develop smart business software that allows you to manage your numbers and master your business. Automate your business processes with our solutions. The software gives you booking suggestions, matches invoices with bank statements and transforms unstructured communications in to social collaboration. Consolidate the financial data of all branches worldwide with a single click on a button. Manage a healthy cashflow, collect and analyse business data. By connecting your ecosystem and collaborate digitally you save time and earn valuable insights.
  • Suit Supply
  • Slachtofferhulp Nederland
  • Omnyacc Van Teylingen

Client testimonialsSuit Supply

Our monthly figures. Always available. Consolidate anytime and anywhere. Always knowing what’s going on. Be in control. With Exact.

Client testimonialsSlachtofferhulp Nederland

Exact Synergy has good integration and connection options with chain partners and internal systems. We have a future-proof CRM system enabling us to fulfil our ambitions.

Client testimonialsOmnyacc Van Teylingen

With No Hands Accounting, we save 4-5 hours per employee per month thanks to bulk processing of invoices, automatic import of bank statements and real-time matching.

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