Responsible Business

Making a difference is what Exact is all about. We like to make responsible decisions and do business with respect for each other and our surroundings. This is the only way we can make dreams come true and create value over the long term for our customers, employees, stakeholders and society.

Find out how we contributed to our environment and society in 2023.

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A diverse, inclusive workplace

Everyone is welcome at Exact. Our workforce consists of 2,000 ambitious professionals representing 50 different nationalities along with many cultures and religions. We also stand out in terms of our knowledge and experience. In fact, every Exact team member has a unique character. And we're proud of this, because diversity leads to creativity, and differences make us stronger. With our 'Welcome Everyone Manifesto', we convey that we embrace diversity and how we make it happen.

Our way of working is based on six core values that form the starting point for what we do day in, day out. This is how we strive to provide a challenging and inspiring work environment where employees can be the best version of themselves and feel encouraged to develop further. Exact offers every employee equal opportunities and rewards, regardless of personal preferences, backgrounds or convictions. No form of discrimination or harassment is tolerated to help us create an inclusive environment – one where working is enjoyable.

A responsible partner

We also want to be a reliable partner for our customers, suppliers and partners. At Exact, we comply with the standards set out in our compliance policy. By following standards, values, laws and regulations, we ensure not only that we are providing the best service, but are working in an ethical, appropriate and legal manner. Everyone who works for Exact is obliged to meet their responsibilities with professional integrity, taking into account the interests of Exact and those of our customers, suppliers and partners, in accordance with our compliance policy.

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Sustainability in our business

We think green in everything we do. While this includes small measures such as reducing the paper flow in our offices, separating waste and providing lighting with motion sensors, we also like to go the extra mile at Exact. That's why we are committed to CO2 emissions targets. In this case, less is more. To achieve our goals, we travel as little as possible by air, we've electrified our fleet, and we've installed solar panels on the roof of our headquarters in Delft.

We also encourage our partners, suppliers and customers to go green. Through our smart software solutions, we inspire them to adopt more digital workflows and achieve their sustainability goals. By programming more efficiently, we can, for example, reduce the pressure on data centres via our software and save energy. And with 675,000 customers, we can make a genuine difference. Here's to a green supply chain!

Contributing to society

As an organisation, we are at the heart of society and believe it is important to be involved in our environment. We support society in various ways and make a difference together with our colleagues.

Giving Back Days

At Exact, we believe it is important for our employees to be able to contribute to local initiatives. That's why Exact employees have the opportunity to do voluntary work during working hours. Every year, more than 2,000 employees have three days to dedicate to a charity of their choice. In total, that makes more than thousands days on which we give back to society.

Exact Foundation

The Exact Foundation supports programmes that embrace development and diversity and create a level playing field for anyone who wants to learn 21st-century skills. We do this, for example, by working with and making financial resources available to institutions of public benefit (ANBI).

Matching Funds

Through Matching Funds we seek to encourage and support employees who are committed to charitable causes. All our employees' fundraising activities can qualify for a contribution from the Matching Fund. In other words, if an Exact employee collects money – through a sponsored run, for example – Exact will top up the overall amount.

Exact Online for Education

Exact was founded by six students, so we know better than anyone how important learning is. To prepare the new generation for the working world, we make our software available to educational institutions free of charge. This cloud-based learning environment gives them the opportunity to do exercises anytime, anywhere.

Colleagues in action

Our colleagues are committed to various social projects. Read their stories and get inspired!
Each year Stichting Jarige Job gives 85.000 Dutch Children living in poverty an unforgettable birthday.”
Stichting Jarige Job
Stichting Groengoed
Thanks to Stichting Groengoed homeless people have access to a decent meal.”
If everyone contributes with cleaning up the plastic, our planet will benefit!"
Beach Clean Up
Swim to Fight Cancer
Swimming 2 kilometers in open water was tough, but it was a great experience participating in this unique sponsor event.”
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