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Spring '22 Release: New Purchase to Pay possibilities

Spring '22 Release: New Purchase to Pay possibilities

Exact is constantly innovating to keep supporting companies in the best possible way, so that they can stay in control of their figures and make the right decisions. Our Spring '22 Release presented all the newly implemented innovations for our various solutions. Find out which innovations and improvements are now available for the various Purchase to Pay modules. 

Contract Management Module 

If you activate the CMM_MAIL_ALL_ATTACHMENTS feature, you can send contract action emails with active contract attachments. Furthermore, you can use a drop-down list to search by value in a contract field you add yourself. Values must be separated by a comma and a space. These will then appear in your search results.  

Order Module 

To add the word "Specimen" to your order, you must activate this under Management. To activate the "Specimen" text, go to Management --> System parameters --> Order --> Show "Specimen" on order template for the order step. 

Logging of XML messages sent to a URL (order posting) has also improved. The recipient's response is now logged as part of the workflow history in the action panel for that order. As a user, if an order failed to be sent, you can use this to find out why. 

If you select items in a different currency, such as US dollars, these were previously converted one-to-one into EUR. This has now been changed to use the user's default currency.  

Invoice Module 

It is now possible to remove incorrect or duplicate payments in the application. To do so, add the "Remove imported payments" system parameter. This system parameter will not be visible unless the Payment Module is inactive. Additionally, the approval step can now be linked to a group instead of the user. Click "Start all" to link the workflow to the group. This is also possible for invoices approved by a budget holder. The advantage of this method is that in case of an authorisation modification, the functional manager need only replace the group's budget holder; adapting the invoices is no longer necessary. 

Budget Module 

Cross-budget invoices appear in the correct budget periods. For example, an invoice from 2021 with reporting dates for items in both 2021 and 2022 will be included in the 2021 and 2022 budgets respectively. 

Management Module 

  • You can indicate that connections to an external catalogue must use "Secure OCI" in the catalogue interface window. "Secure OCI" ensures the secure transmission of usernames and passwords. If a user accesses the external catalogue in the Order Module, this will open a secure communication session between the online shop and Purchase to Pay. 
  • The administration screen for functional groups has seen improvements in several areas: 
    - You can now switch off the user's mail notification in the group with one click. Simply click on the "Change" icon at the beginning of the row. 
    - The "Supergroup" section will only be visible during the creation of an organisational group. Unnecessary details are no longer shown for the functional group. 
    - "Manage links" can be used to easily add users to a functional group. 
  • Orders without an invoice can be excluded from invoicing. In the "Parameters" section, an option has been added to indicate that orders without a linked invoice are also closed for invoicing.  
  • The search function has been expanded to include identification number, description and status. 
  • As a customer, you can now upload your own logo for inclusion in emails.  


Various improvements have been implemented regarding the links to various Exact applications: 

  • Exact Globe: When creating a new supplier, this also creates records for addresses and contact persons. This is required by the Globe interface, among other things. 
  • Exact Financials: In Exact Financials export messages, if a period's start date does not fall in a closed period, the contra entry will now be provided with tags with period distribution. In addition, for exports of multiple suppliers, the log shows which suppliers were or weren't exchanged successfully.  

Spring '22 Release

Every quarter we inform you about our latest product innovations and developments. That way, you can get the most out of your Exact software. Discover all the innovations we've included in our Spring '22 Release.

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