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If you want to be innovative, you effectively anticipate the market demand using the knowledge of your suppliers. You can make this work with a clear purchase process, because of your insight in future purchase costs. A good purchasing system helps you through solid contract management, budget control, and detailed reports. Exact Purchase to Pay is fully integrated in Exact’s financial solutions and turns complex purchase processes into something simple.


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Control costs and expenses through purchase software

Exact Purchase to Pay helps you to manage your purchase costs. Improve the compliance with the purchase workflow and the proactive approval process. You will gain insight and save money.

Your benefits of Exact Purchase to Pay

Exact Purchase to Pay is fully integrated in Exact’s financial solutions and turns complex purchase processes into something simple.

Clear insight in contracts

With contract management, you easily document and secure all types of contracts. Gain insight in concluded contracts, and manage and update your contract portfolio from a secure basis. Did you know you can withdraw any recurring requirement from contracts and automatically match them with your invoices? This way, contract information is the basis of your purchase and order process.

Control the entire order process

Exact Purchase to Pay supports the entire purchase and order process for any product group. From requesting and checking to making the invoice payable. You are in charge of defining the approval process. Avoid unauthorised requirements by predefining a selection of catalogues and suppliers employees may purchase from. The result: oversight and control on the purchase process, time-saving, and minor error probability.

Quick and error free invoice processing

With Exact Purchase to Pay you automise your entire invoicing process, from receipt to validation. Invoices will be processed automatically after the check, when they correspond with the authorised and accepted orders. We call this three-way matching. This saves you a lot of time and reduces costs in processing invoices. Because of full integration with the company, master data is managed at one place, and invoice data is directly entered in the financial package where the payment process is executed.

Smart budget control

As budget holder you are responsible for the items your employees purchase. So you want to guide the budgets. Because of the purchase software integration in your financial system, you have direct insight in your budget and can measure the budget utilisation. How does it work? Set budgets to a wide range of variables such as cost centre, G/L account code, supplier, contract, budget holder, or a combination of these. This is how you stay in control.

Insight with comprehensive reports

Gain a sharp vision on your finances with reports based on analyses of your purchases, expenses, contracts, and budgets.

Hiring external employees

Within Exact Purchase to Pay you can register worked hours of external employees. The hiring process supports registering contracts of external employees, filling in digital timecards, approving these timesheets, as well as sending the timecard to the supplier and invoice matching.

Do business anywhere, any time

In the office, with your customers, or at home: Exact’s software works everywhere. Manage your most important data on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. We support you in your growth and in the challenges you face, so that you can stay in business. Whatever may happen.

Clear insight in contracts
Control the entire order process
Quick and error free invoice processing
Smart budget control
Insight with comprehensive reports
Hiring external employees
Do business anywhere, any time
  • Van Wijngaarden

Client testimonialsVan Wijngaarden

Finance, invoicing, inventory, manufacturing, CRM, projects and purchasing – everything is now connected and carried out within a single system. This works brilliantly for us. Despite the growth of the company our office still has the same number of staff, which is really saying something.

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