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Installation set of Crystal Reports 2016 Designer available for customers with the E-Report module

From product update 417, Exact Globe has an improved report generator: Crystal Reports 2016. Customers whom have the module E-report in the license of Exact Globe are enabled to make their own reports and modify existing reports.| To ensure that you can continue to work with the latest and supported version of 'Crystal Reports Designer', we offer an installation set of Crystal Reports 2016 Designer, free of charge to all our customers whom have a valid maintenance agreement that includes the module E-report.

Is an upgrade necessary?

With product update 417 it is still possible to work with Crystal Reports 2013 Designer, however, to create or edit reports, it is advisable to switch to Crystal Reports 2016 Designer. It is not necessary to implement this immediately. The switch to Crystal Reports 2016 Designer can be executed at a time that suits best. Make sure to plan the upgrade, this way you are ensured of working with the latest software that supports the latest technology landscape.

Finally, when switching to Crystal Reports 2016 Designer, it is not necessary to convert or re-map the existing reports. However it is advisable to check the self-made reports after executing the upgrade to Crystal Reports 2016 Designer.


A step-by-step plan for upgrading Crystal Reports to the 2016-version can be found under the Products button on the Customer Portal. For questions about this upgrade or other support-related questions we are happy to help you further via our Customer Portal as well.

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