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Exact for Wholesale Distribution / Manufacturing – Improvements to the stock positions overview

Sales people who receive an inquiry on the availability of a product are often also asked the product price. It is therefore practical if this data is available in the same overview. If they want to provide an overview to their customers of availability and price, they are asked to include the (EAN-13) barcode in the report. We have recently extended the stock positions report with the required fields.

New columns in the stock positions overview

In the stock positions overview, [Inventory] Analysis & Results, Stock positions we have added columns for Sales price, Currency (Sales price), VAT code sales and Barcode. These field can be added by customizing the screen (tool icon in the right upper corner):

This enhancement is made based on customer feedback. If you have an idea you can report it to Exact support or submit it via Support, Ideas (NL and BE only). You can also vote there on ideas submitted by other customers. We try to realize frequently liked ideas early.

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