ERP wholesale software

Work more efficiently and optimise your margins with ERP software for wholesalers

Why Exact ERP wholesale software?

As a wholesaler, healthy margins and control of your logistics are absolute priorities. You want to be able to purchase and sell competitively and have insight into your inventory management. That is exactly what ERP wholesale software from Exact offers.

With over 20 years experience in international ERP logistics, we offer a complete solution with fast implementation that matches your wholesale business. With Exact for Wholesale Distribution you always have insight into the status of your inventory, orders and returns. The ERP system is the single source of truth which is the engine of your omnichannel strategy and allows you to take your service management to the next level.

Exact Globe and Exact Synergy are the basis of Exact for Wholesale Distribution.

Exact ERP software for wholesale

  • Save costs with smart inventory management software
  • Streamline your logistical processes
  • Work with a single source of truth
  • Benefit from reports and automatic notifications

Exact for Wholesale Distribution, now from £426,- per month in the private cloud.

How Exact ERP wholesale software can help you

The benefits of Exact ERP wholesale software

Exact ERP wholesale software combines financial, ERP logistics and administrative business processes in one system. Everyone works with the same information, because all data is in one central location. This is how Exact for Wholesale Distribution streamlines your internal logistical processes and helps optimise your margins.

You save costs due to smart inventory management software and benefit from reports and automatic notifications. You can choose to use Exact for Wholesale Distribution on-premises, or as a private cloud service, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance.

The engine of your omnichannel strategy

Modern wholesalers have an omnichannel strategy. This means that in addition to your physical store, you also have an online presence. Digital wholesale trading is unquestionably here to stay. Clients expect online availability of relevant data, the option to order or to link their own digital processes.

Your ERP system is a single source of truthand works as the engine of all online activities. Exact for Wholesale Distribution operates as a central source of information from which your web store, EDI, and sales apps, among other things, acquire their data. That’s why it’s essential for a successful omnichannel strategy.

Warehouse management system (WMS)

Good inventory management software provides insight into goods’ flows and is essential for a wholesaler. Excessive inventory costs money; too little inventory means you have to disappoint customers. The Exact Warehouse Management System (WMS) helps you automate your physical goods flow and optimise your logistical process.

With Exact WMS (a module for Exact Globe) inventory management software you always have access to real-time information, allowing you to provide improved service and reliable supply times.

Exact for Wholesale Distribution in the cloud

An increasing amount of software is located in the cloud. This has many benefits. It makes investment in hardware and its maintenance a thing of the past. You can enjoy access to your ERP system anywhere and anytime, only have one system to work with, no longer have to worry about maintenance and you can more easily make links with other cloud software.

We take care of updates, supporting and securing your ERP system, including add-ons and customised software.

Insight anywhere and anytime with Exact apps

We have multiple mobile apps for users of Exact ERP software for wholesale, whereby you get the maximum from your ERP software. And why not consider the Service Management app which helps take your service department to a higher level, or the CRM app, which provides insight into customer relationships, activities and appointments anywhere and anytime?

In the Exact app centre you can find intuitive apps, available for iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets.

Exact Wholesale Service Essentials

Exact for Wholesale Distribution allows you to optimize your business processes to the full. But we’re not only talking about software - we offer you best-in-class customer support as well.

Our service essentials form a six stage cycle for the best possible support with which we’ll help you to achieve the maximum return on your investment.

From long standing customers needing to optimize software following an organizational change, to companies considering Exact software and looking for in-depth process analysis, you can step into our services cycle at any point.

Stories of successful Exact customers:

Valk Welding

Valk Welding

Exact provides us with a stable and continuous process.
Van Wijngaarden

Van Wijngaarden

Despite the growth of the company our office still has the same number of staff, which is really saying something.