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Business software for entrepreneurs and accountants

Our wide range of business software helps to optimise your processes. In addition to our financial products, we offer sector-specific solutions for accountants, manufacturing companies, wholesalers, service providers and so on. More than 400,000 business owners worldwide rely on Exact software.

Financial solutions


Exact for Finance offers a complete, up-to-date, financial understanding of your organisation, regardless of the countries you are operating in. Stay in control of your costs, results and liquid assets. Anticipate change and stay ahead of the competition.

International Business

Connect all your branches worldwide with a single system. Exact for International Business offers the solution. We are the international specialist in local compliance.

You can purchase Exact solutions in the format that suits you best. View the deployment options.

ERP solutions

Wholesale Distribution

Exact's wholesale software is a single system for your order and stock management, accounting and relationship management. Prevent errors due to double entry and get a real-time view of your stocks, sales and margins.


Streamline your manufacturing process. Focus on customer-oriented, low-cost manufacturing. Exact enables you to use your manufacturing resources effectively and to optimise your stock levels. Let the technology work for you and improve your competitive position.

Project Management

Insight into your projects and error-free, timely billing? This is supported fully by the Exact project management solutions. Register your hours and costs, manage your projects and stay up to date on the progress of your projects anytime, anywhere.

You can purchase Exact solutions in the format that suits you best. View the deployment options.

Streamline your business processes

Exact for HRM

Exact's HRM software enables you to streamline the entire HR cycle from payroll administration and personnel planning to performance management. Work together in a transparent way in one system. Allow your employees to handle their HR affairs with the self-service app.

Exact for CRM

Exact for CRM management allows you to easily optimise all your customer relations. The online CRM system is a central place for all your customer data and can be accessed by each employee.

Business Management

Exact for Business Management enables you to integrate all your business processes. No more hassle with different applications and different data. Exact for BM translates complex processes into clear activities.
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