Exact and Artificial Intelligence

Discover the next step in smart processing of your business administration and gain better insight into your data. This is how you make well-informed decisions.

Time savings

Thousands of companies in more than 100 countries rely on Exact software for their business numbers. 385,000 of them do this in close cooperation with one of Exact’s 6,500 affiliated accountants. 90% of our customers are on the Exact Cloud where every second, over 64,000 database transactions are performed.

It is in this context that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are working to improve efficiency and effectiveness of business administration. By automating processes that used to be performed manually, Exact’s customers can save 89% more time with automatic processing of bank transactions and 93% when entering invoices. 

AI, machine learning and Exact

Our clients, businesses and accountants that work with Exact software, want to devote as much of their time as possible to their core activities. AI supports them in doing so, providing:

Smart automation

With technology that learns how to perform routine tasks and executes this as efficiently and intelligently as a human would do, saving you time.

Data-driven decision support

Smart algorithms that identify valuable trend information in financial data enable you to make better informed business decisions.

Continuous improvement

The technology is self-learning which means that it continuously improves itself. The more data you process, the smarter the system becomes.

AI features are already included in Exact software

Exact is already rich in AI functionality. A clear example is the concept of “no-hands” accounting, which helps our customers streamline data entry and bookkeeping processes. Depending on your preference settings, Exact software can either automatically complete or make a suggestion as to which general ledger account a bank transaction should be booked against. The software can also automatically process incoming invoices in this way.

These processes are made possible by the smart processing of anonymised data from the more than 400,000 businesses. Technologies such as machine learning and AI automatically detect how user behaviour and how transactions are being managed. This results in accurate automated decisions and suggestions, which continually improve thanks to the technology’s self-learning capabilities.

Benefit from Artificial Intelligence

At Exact, we want you to benefit optimally from the power of AI so that, in the future, you won't have to enter anything at all. Instead, you gain new insights by combining data from different sources.

How does Exact deal with privacy?

Our AI developments are based on the following two guidelines: 

Anything we do adds value for the customer

Anything we develop, needs to add value to our customers by helping them to be more effective in running their business. This means that we are constantly looking at how users of our solutions can spend as little time as possible on entry work. Instead they can focus more on leveraging their data to make smarter decisions, that help differentiate and grow their business. 

Anything we do, follows strong Ethical principles

We care more about the people behind the data, than the data itself. We would never do anything with our customers’ data that we wouldn’t want someone else to do with our own data.
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