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Decent business software. That is what Exact makes. For thirty years, for countless organizations worldwide. You will find simple innovative solutions from both Exact and innovative development partners who get even more out of our software. How do we call that at Exact? Focus on what's next!

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Web shops, banks, industry-specific software... all online services that almost no company can do without. Fortunately, they are linked to our business software with apps. Even shopping does wonders for the cooperation. Both with colleagues and with customers and suppliers.

Scroll down for an overview of available Exact Globe & Exact Synergy add-ons. An overview of available Exact Online add-ons can be found in the app-center

20/20 Xspend

Improve the purchase-to-pay process with the 20/20 Xspend cloud application. 20/20 Xspend gives you control over the operational purchase process, contracts, budgets, employee expense claims and incoming invoices.

Alis Quality Intelligence

Alis Quality Intelligence for Exact integrates all your quality inspections and documents with your online business processes. This boosts your Quality Management!


The catalog and order app for your customers


The mobile sales application for the iPad

BOXwise - Warehouse management software

BOXwise is the warehouse management solution providing a user friendly solution for your logistic needs. Due to the low learning curve, your employees can immediately get to work. Often more efficiently and at a lower cost!


Cartwise is an e-commerce platform that enables you to shop via the web, iPhone / iPad, scanner or otherwise take orders and synchronize with your ERP.

CRM Companion

CRM Companion links information in Exact Synergy to Skype for Business. During a conversation in Skype for Business you can easily display related information from Exact Synergy. Also, you can quickly link requests to the right contact.

Document Plus Multiple items

Link multiple items to one document

Exact EDI Gateway

The standard EDI solution for Exact Globe

Exact Logistic Interface

Communicate with your logistics service provider with the Exact Logistic Interface

Exact Online integration

Data and Workflow functionality integrated between Exact Online and Exact Synergy

HubSpot integration

Bi-directional data transfer between HubSpot and Exact Synergy

Import Plus

Bulk import of Documents and Attachments, Items, Opportunities, Projects, Resources and Workflow requests


Communicate with your logistics service provider with the Exact Logistic Interface


iWRITER offers a complete and enterprise-wide solution for creating professional documents. Documents without errors and automatically fitting the corporate identity.

MailPlus Connector with Exact Synergy

Connect your MailPlus marketing application to Exact Synergy and automate your email marketing for targeted communication.

Phone Number Converter

The Parentix Phone Number Converter converts phone numbers in Exact Globe and Exact Synergy companies to a standard format that is recognized by Skype for Business.


The "plug and play" B2B sales portal to place real-time orders.


Standardize and automate purchase requisitions in Exact Synergy in combination with Exact Globe or Exact Online.


QicsAnalytics makes it easier to swiftly produce (new) reliable reports and analysis using data from Exact.


QicsMilestones offers flexibility and many billing options to those who set high standards when it comes to timesheet entry. QicsMilestones has been developed for accountants and professional services.


QicsTime is a solution for professional services to register time and have many billing options.

Recode and Rename Plus Globe

Recode and rename in bulk with MS Excel in Exact Globe

Rules engine

Configure business rules and automatically trigger messages, actions in Exact Synergy and between Exact Synergy and Exact Globe, Exact Online or Exact Macola

SalesForce integration

Bi-directional data transfer between Exact Synergy and SalesForce

Scan Sys - ImageCapture for Invoices

User friendly scanning software with advanced technology for the automated processing of invoices and documents. Also suitable for complex invoices with multiple entry lines. Automatic matching with purchase orders in Exact.

SRXP Mobile Expense Reporting

SRXP offers an expenses app and online portal to digitize the expense reporting process. No more lost receipts, efficient processing, real time insights, credit card integration, and a user-friendly admin.

SSCC Module

Generate unique SSCC labels within Exact Globe with the SSCC module

Synergy Mail Gateway

Automatically manage your e-mails including attachments within Exact Synergy


The next generation Warehouse Management System

Webshop Connector | Magento & Exact Globe

The Webshop Connector is the ideal connection with your Magento webshop. The connection with Magento is extremely flexible because it synchronises in two directions. This means that you have maximum freedom and security. You have a constant grip on your clients, products, prices and accounts. You can specify right down to the field level what and how you exchange between Exact Globe and your Magento webshop.

Workflow Plus Browse and Reference field

All Exact Synergy, Exact Globe, Exact Macola, JobBoss, MAX and SQL data available in your workflow request

Workflow Plus Free fields

300 Extra free fields, Formatting and HTML code, Hyperlinks in your workflow request

Workflow Plus Multiple approval

Increase the number of steps in a workflow request by having multiple approvers per status

Workflow Plus Planned and Multiple assign

More options in Assigning and Planning your workflow requests


Xtendis offers advanced invoice processing and document management functionality. Organisations can save vast amounts of time on the administration, approval and management of invoices and other documents.
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