Fast and secure cloud solution that evolves with your business

Exact is one of the largest and most experienced cloud service providers in Europe with more than 675,000 companies benefiting from services that are hosted and delivered from the Exact Cloud. 90% of our customers are already benefiting from Exact Cloud services. We take care of all their IT challenges so they can focus on their core business activities. They just log in and work from anywhere at anytime.

Werken in de cloud

Work in the cloud without any worries

The Exact Cloud is essentially a unified cloud infrastructure that offers the following services to Exact customers:

  • The Exact Online platform runs on the Exact Cloud and provides financial and operational services to small businesses and their accountants.
  • Many of our Exact Globe and Exact Synergy customers have chosen to have their implementations hosted and fully managed on the Exact Cloud rather than deploying these solutions themselves.

The Exact Cloud provides the ultimate workplace for you to work efficiently and securely using the very latest technologies. In addition to providing you with best in class cloud infrastructure, we can also be your IT experts, here to ensure that your Exact solutions are always available and operating at optimal performance levels.

The Exact Cloud provides a purpose-built, secure and high-performance environment for customers that have a preference for the Cloud versions of Exact’s software offerings.

Continuous availability

Our Cloud environment and operational processes have been designed and optimized for 24/7 up-time and availability. Our advanced back-up and failover mechanisms ensure that any unforeseen incidents have minimal impact on systems and application availability. We also aim to minimize the number of scheduled maintenance windows and provide a real-time dashboard to inform customers of the status of all Exact Cloud operational systems and processes.

Two-factor authentication

Exact provides an additional security layer for Exact Online users with two-factor authentication. This access security mechanism significantly reduces the risk posed by login credentials falling into the wrong hand as a result of brute force attacks, phishing or malware vulnerabilities being exploited. With two-factor authentication, when entering a user name and password, an additional login key is required that is made exclusively available to you, for example via a text message on your phone. This significantly reduces the risk of malicious parties gaining access and misusing your data.

Work in the latest version on day one

Working with the Exact Cloud means that new software versions, service packs and updates required to comply with regulatory changes are automatically applied for you. This means that you will always be running on the very latest version of our software, protected with up-to-date security patches and fully compliant with current industry regulations.

Keeping your payment details secure

We offer a range of supported secure payment methods on the Exact Cloud that meet the strictest privacy and security requirements. Our payment platform is PCI (Payment Card Industry) Level 1 certified.

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