Rate Adjustment
Exact Online Accountancy

This overview presents the new rates for Exact Online. The adjusted rates will take effect from the first invoice date in 2023.

Standard administration
No hands administration
No hands (Unlimited) administration
Accountancy Collaboration € 10.00 N.a. N.a. N.a. N.a.
Accountancy Essentials € 43.00 € 11.00 € 6.00 N.a. N.a.
Accountancy Plus € 92.00 € 11.00 € 5.00 € 9.75 € 17.25
Accountancy Professional € 225.00 € 11.00 € 5.00 € 9.75 € 17.25

Adjustments rates add-ons and other adjustments

Do you also use add-ons? Then the following rate adjustments will apply from the first invoice date in January 2023:

  • CRM for Accountancy: The price for CRM will be € 95.00
  • Hours & Invoices for Accountancy: The price for Hours & Invoices will be € 85.00;
  • Sales invoices for [MyFirm]: The new price for sales invoices will be € 11.00;
  • Archived companies: The price for archived companies will be € 1.20;
  • Client users for [MyFirm]: The price for client users will be € 3.25;
  • Practice Administration company: The price per practice administration will be € 19.00;
  • Practice management: The price for practice management will be € 35.00.
  • Payroll: The price per pay slip stays € 1.00 (outside your bundle € 2.00 per pay slip);
  • HR: The new price per active employee per month will be € 6.50;
  • Legacy Payroll i: The price per bundle will be: 1 payslip (€ 0.85), 5 payslips (€ 2.50) and Unlimited (€ 6.50).

Exact Online Payroll

Click on the link below to learn more about our powerful payroll solution.

More about Exact Online Payroll

Product and service improvements

We are constantly innovating to ensure that our products can help your business grow. This year we introduced Werkprogramma Gemak for annual reporting, PSD2 for Accountancy, tax data querying, new business reporting functionalities, and many more. For a complete overview of all innovations, see the Seasonal Releases (Dutch) / (English) page. For the innovations that have recently become available, take a look at the Autumn'22 Release page (Dutch) / (English).

At Exact it's not just about software. In order to serve you even better, we have also renewed our entire range of services. We think it is important that you have easy access to our experience and expertise, also from home. Exact supports your growth and challenges, so that your business can continue to run. Whatever happens. We do this through free training, webinars and our knowledge base. Visit our Service & Contact page for a complete overview.

Accountancy i.c.w. with an other product?

Below you can click through to the other rate adjustments of other solutions.

Exact Online

Exact Online

Exact Online
Wholesale Distribution/ Manufacturing

Exact Online

Frequently Asked Questions

Exact invests in improving its products and services on an ongoing basis. These improvements are presented three times a year through our seasonal releases. On this page you can find the new innovations we have in store. Our goal is to continue to provide you, our customer, with the best software. The investment involved to do so, results in adjusted rates. In addition, we are affected by higher costs due to the current rate of inflation.

The adjusted rates will take effect starting from the date of the first invoice in 2023.

We always inform all our customers of our rate adjustments ahead of time. This year, we published a preliminary announcement in our newsletters. We also announced the rate adjustments on our website and Support Portals. Of course, it is possible this information didn’t reach you.

The rate adjustments are applicable to all contracts active per 1 January 2023.

As of December 1, 2022, we’re changing the names of our Accountancy products.

  • Exact Online Accountancy will be called Exact Online Accounting;
  • No hands will be called Collaboration;
  • No hands Unlimited will be called Collaboration Extended;
  • The name 'Standard client company' will remain the same.

With this name change, we want to bring more consistency to the naming of our Exact Online products. We also want to emphasize the digital collaboration between you and your clients. Functionally, everything will remain the same. You can still use the same features with the quality and performance you’ve come to expect. Scan & Recognize and Robotic Accounting will still be a part of Collaboration and Collaboration Extended. See our FAQ page for more information.

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