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Trade-ins now supported in Exact Online for Wholesale and Manufacturing

trade-in feature Wholesale and Manufacturing

Are you in a business that handles deposit products, or do you sometimes run ‘buy one – get one’ campaigns? Or do you sell products that typically get a previous version traded-in? Or maybe you sell assembled products, that allow replacement parts to be configured upon delivery? Processing these kinds of trade-ins can now be handled much more efficient with the new Trade-in feature of Exact Online for Wholesale and Exact Online for Manufacturing, that allows entering a negative sales order line.

Processing trade-ins was indeed not optimal, in situations where the value of the traded product needed to be subtracted from the invoice total. Many wholesalers and manufacturers therefore requested for this enhancement.

Examples of Trade-ins

You can think of a few situations and businesses in which this way of working is a daily practice. From refurbishing electronics, where products get a new life after being revised, to collection of depreciated goods that may be recycled. 

Incidental configuration

Next to that, sometimes products are reconfigured occasionally, for instance when alternative parts (instead of the standard parts) are used in an assembled product. This new functionality supports this scenario perfectly, where the part that is used will replace the original part, including price differences. 

Commercial campaigns

This new feature in sales order allows you to model a campaign that lowers the order value without trading a product, for instance when using vouchers. 

A trade-in is no return 

A trade-in should not be confused with a return. With a return, a product is returned after it has been ordered, shipped and delivered to a customer. A trade-in is processed at the moment of creating the order, before shipping and invoicing.

How does it work?

Fairly simple; this feature allows to enter negative amounts in sales order lines. This way, one or more order lines get a negative value as well resulting in a lower total order value. This completes the flow of entering a negative line in quotes and invoices, which was possible in Exact Online already.

The advantages

Now it is possible to trade-in or trade-up goods with sales orders. Next to that, it enables administrating packaging with deposits, allowing to process the returns of crates, pallets and other types of containers in the sales order. In addition, this feature provides a workaround for registering promotions based on vouchers.


This trade-in function is available for all editions of Exact Online for Wholesale Distribution and Exact Online for Manufacturing, in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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