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E-invoicing in construction: a summary of the benefits

E-invoicing in construction: a summary of the benefits

Using Exact Online can make the work of companies in the construction industry much easier. Replacing your traditional invoicing with Exact Online Construction will reduce manual actions and therefore the risk of errors. This article discusses why this is so important, what the benefits are and how you can make the switch. 

What is e-invoicing? 

E-invoicing goes beyond simply adding a PDF to the emails you send to your customers. It's a structured way of invoicing that involves adding a digital file. This digital file contains all the necessary information, which is processed in a standardised way. This allows all sales invoices to be processed automatically – in the customer's system too.  

The benefits of e-invoicing in construction 

The members of Bouwend Nederland are very positive about electronic invoicing, which is not surprising at all. From this year, Exact Online also uses electronic invoicing based on the Dutch DICO version SALES005 standard. The construction and infrastructure industry and the Stichting Ketenstandaard foundation both support the switch because of the compelling benefits: 

  • The same standard for everyone 
  • Less time spent on invoicing
  • Up-to-date figures anytime, anywhere
  • Guaranteed (faster) payment 
  • Smaller risk of errors and more security
  • Cost savings on all fronts 

Real-time insight into figures  

It's important for every organisation to have access to its figures. Exact software displays all the results instantly and is location-independent. You'll always have the figures with you, no matter where you are: in the office and at the construction site. No more need for searching, waiting or guesswork: you can find what you need instantly, tick it off the list and be certain of the facts. 

Exact offers a suitable solution for small and large companies in the construction industry. The digitisation of work avoids human error. It pushes up the quality and with it, the margins. Efficient collaboration with colleagues, clients and subcontractors is no longer just a dream, but a reality.  

The software is designed specifically for the construction industry, which is truly unique. Besides sales invoices, the tool also processes project data, working drawings and materials. The time tracking section also processes the actual hours worked so that all the numbers are clearly visible in one system. Exact software is fully integrated and can be seamlessly connected to your other business apps.  

Exact Online Construction in practice 

So how does this work in practice? Suppose you're on a construction site looking at the figures for the project in question. You want to know when the last milestone was reached so you can monitor progress. Everything looks good, but once you arrive at the office you receive a reminder from Exact Online Construction. Extra capacity would assure the project's timely completion.  

Meerland Bouw is successfully using the tool and is happy to share how digitisation was the key to its success.  

Get started with e-invoicing  

If you're convinced of the benefits of e-invoicing in construction, you can join Ketenstandaard to receive a licence. This is free of charge to small companies in the construction industry. 

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