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Spring'21 release: innovations within Expense Management

Spring'21 Release: Expense Management

With the Spring'21 Release, we have once again added many innovations to our products, including Expense Management. Find out what we’ve updated and improved to help you work more efficiently.

New Expense Management app available

A new app for Expense Management is now available in the Exact Online App Centre. It contains a new URL for connection between and Exact Online. Now you can import projects, job titles, departments, cost centres, cost units, ledgers, payment methods and VAT from Exact Online and export expense data from and to Exact Online.

Expense Management

Enhanced user dashboard

After the Winter Release, you have already been introduced to the user dashboard for declarers, approvers and exporters. The user dashboard gives you an overview of all that is happening within your Expense Management environment. All outstanding tasks, reports, messages and expenses in one overview. If you access different companies in Expense Management, you no longer need to switch from one company to another. The overview enables you to see all tasks and other important information of every company at a single glance. The dashboard is now divided into 2 overviews:

  • The top part, which contains the outstanding tasks and notifications;
  • The bottom part, which provides you an insight into your own reports and expenses.

Depending on your role, you will see one or both overviews. As a declarer, you will see both overviews, and as an approver or exporter you will only see the overview with the outstanding tasks and notifications for all companies.

Expense Management

Marking individual expense claims

With this new functionality, you can mark individual declarations as an approver if they have been rejected. Marking allows you, as an approver, to give better feedback about the reason for rejection. The new Expense Status setting allows approvers to mark individual expenses when reviewing reports, making it easier for declarers to correct expenses and resubmit their rejected reports.

In addition, when the rejected report is resubmitted after modifications, the approver sees the expenses categorised as:

  • Not checked: previously highlighted expenses need to be revised.
  • Checked: previously approved expenses.

This makes it easier for you, as an approver, to identify which expenses require your attention, without having to go through all the expenses.

Expense Management

Expense Management & Bunq

Do you, as customer, use the Bunq connection? If so, you can use the Expense Management app to disable cash withdrawals. This gives you more control over employees’ use of the Bunq card.

What's special about this functionality is that disabling cash withdrawal is currently only possible in Expense Management, not via Bunq. They do not yet offer this functionality in their application.

Expense Management

Spring’21 Release

Every quarter we inform you about our latest product innovations and developments. This allows you to get the most out of your Exact software. Discover all the innovations we’ve presented in the Spring'21 Release.

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