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Submit expenses fast and first time right with declaration software

Exact Expense Management saves you 75% of the average time taken to process expensesThe integration with your administration, the mobile app and the flexible approval process – they all have the same end goal: saving you time and money in the expense management process 


Submit in next to no time

By integrating your expense management process with your financial administration and your credit card suppliers you stay continually up to date with the latest submissionsYou save time, money and error-prone manual entry processes. 

Easy, fast expense submissions

Use the app to book in your receipts as soon as you get themWhatever the payment method, we automate the entire process around declarations, business trips, kilometer allowances, hour registration and daily expense budgets in one central environmentThe app works on- and offline; handy if you you're travelling. 

Fully integrated with your finance system

Bespaar uren werk doordat alle declaratiedata geïntegreerd is met je administratie. Save hours with the full integration with your financial administration. All declarations are directly coupled to the right general ledgerlinked to the correct entities, departments and personnel. No manual effort required. 

In control of all expenses

With all expenses directly included in the bookkeeping, you have real-time insight in your total expenditureIn addition, you can also easily filter according to cost centers, departments or company entitiesExact expense management gives you the helicopter view of where the company is spending its money.

Automatic matching of credit card expenditure

Had enough of manual processing of credit card transactions? Connect all cards to the expense management software and automate the entire process. Our algorithm identifies the payment and matches them to the relevant invoice or receipt.

Fewer incorrect declarations

Implement rules and checks to determine who can declare what via which approval processExpenses that fall outside the framework? These are automatically remarked for attention or rejected. 

Automatic VAT return for all international expenses

International VAT returns are complicated, time-intensive processes – especially when manual processes are required to compile and check smaller amounts. Upload all expenses in the software and make it possible to save up to 20% per business tripWE maximize the return to ensure you don’t lose a single cent. 

Features of Exact Expense Management

  • Register declarations 
  • Kilometer- & day allowances 
  • Creditcard coupling 
  • Accept/Reject according to company policy 
  • Request business trips 
  • Company expense policy 
  • Export per general ledger and cost center 
  • Foreign VAT return 
  • Storage in the cloud 
  • Bugaboo
  • Rituals

Reference casesBugaboo

Exact Expense Management is a smart solution for the administrative process that used to be responsible for the most complaints in our company.

Reference casesRituals

Our expense process is directly linked to our bookkeeping, giving us full insight into all credit card and other expense streams.

Wondering how you can benefit from Expense Management software?

Discover the full story on the benefits of optimal expense management in the whitepaper. 
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