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Product news

Reminder: Make the switch to ELIS before January 2019 for optimal control

From the next product update (417/262 in January 2019) Exact will no longer support a number of integration solutions. This will affect your Exact environment if you use one or more of the following solutions:
  • Exact Integrator
  • Shop Floor Control Integration
  • Exact Word Merge Integrator
  • Exact CMDM
  • Exchange Synchronization
  • Exact Service Management
As a replacement for these integration solutions we introduce ELIS, or Exact Lightweight Integration Server. This platform offers replacements for the old integration updates, as mentioned above. ELIS ensures central and proactive logging and is more stable than its predecessors. The introduction of ELIS does not have any implications for the integration via ASImport or XML. If you are already using ELIS you do not have to switch. If you are not using ELIS already, please contact our support department or your Exact partner. How do I know if I am using one of the old integration solutions? If you are currently using an old integration solution you will get a notification of this with product update 415. Click here for the release note of this product update for Exact Globe and here for the release note of Exact Synergy. If an older version is in use, so product 414 or earlier, no notification will be received. The use of Exact CMDM, Exact Service Management and Exact Shop Floor Control can easily be found in your license. When in doubt we advise you to contact our support department or your Exact partner. The use of Exact Integrator, Exact Word Merge Integrator and Exchange Synchronization cannot be found in your license. If you are not sure if you are using one of these solutions, please contact our support department or your Exact partner. For more information please visit
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