Switch to ELIS before 2019

From January 2019 Exact will stop supporting a number of different integration solutions. It is important to switch to ELIS before that time. Contact your account manager or partner to make an appointment.

What is ELIS?

Many Exact solutions are constructed from multiple products, like Globe and Synergy or third parties solutions. We apply various integration solutions to connect these with each other, or with solutions like Microsoft Exchange. Due to the fact that we strive for simplicity and technology, we decided to introduce ELIS: one single transparent interface to install and manage connections, and one single technology for an exchange between the various systems. Many Exact customers already work with ELIS to their complete satisfaction. From January 2019, ELIS is the only supported integration solution. It is therefore important to make the switch before then.

What are the benefits of ELIS?

The most important benefit that ELIS has to offer is an overview into all solutions in a single place. Not only Exact solutions, but also those of partners. It goes without saying, that there are more reasons to make the switch to ELIS:

  1. You can install, activate and manage solutions centrally via a supplied control centre.
  2. ELIS ensures central and proactive logging and sends an email or makes a request in Exact Synergy if errors occur.
  3. Manage all integrations from a single central point and intervene easily and promptly in the event of errors occurring.
  4. It is simple to use and more stable and reliable than its predecessors.