GLM Systems, an Exact international technology and application partner, joins the movement for Exact Synergy anywhere.

GLM Systems, a development company for Exact products, expands the boundaries of possibilities for customers with Exact Synergy Enterprise. Internationally recognized as a solution partner in the Exact customer and partner communities, GLM Systems is poised to share Exact solution add-ons with businesses all over the world.

GLM Systems founder, Gijs Lamers, provides perspective: “At GLM Systems, our vision is to make all business information available to all people who use Exact Synergy. We help our customers to get more value out of Exact Synergy by creating add-ons, tools and applications that complete the Synergy experiences for end users. In this way, our customers are better able to share critical business information which provides successful results for us.”

GLM Systems has a number of add-on solutions for Exact Synergy Enterprise, giving Exact customers an enhanced end-user experience:

  • Exact Synergy Enterprise “Plus” add-on solutions for CRM, workflow, document management, procurement and HRM functionalities
  • Integration modules for Exact Synergy Enterprise with HubSpot, and Exact Online
  • Rules Engine for Exact Synergy Enterprise system, workflow and document management
  • Exact Synergy Enterprise CRM Plus and Procurement modules

John Kirschner, Business Systems Manager of Allen Industries, is an Exact Synergy Enterprise evangelist who leverages solutions from GLM Systems to improve productivity in their organization:

“Being a job shop company, we are extensive users of Exact Synergy Enterprise for managing thousands of projects every day. Several years ago, we started using some GLM Systems add on tools and today we now use their additional free fields, reports on cards, rules engine and imports just to list a few. We found these tools were not only easy to install and use, but they allowed us to greatly improve the efficiency & accuracy of managing these projects. I consider GLM Systems to be a valuable resource and highly recommend their products and service.”

Jay Porras, CEO of The Donas Group, an Exact International partner, has forged a tight relationship with GLM Systems to resell their add-on solutions for Synergy Enterprise in North America:

“The value proposition that GLM System brings to our customers provides returns that far exceed expectations. Their tools take the exceptional collaborative functionality that Exact Synergy Enterprise provides and gives the competitive edge that our customers are looking for. And with the exciting new developments coming this year, GLM Systems and Exact will bring this success not only in the Americas but globally as well.”

Exact Synergy

With Exact Synergy you’re able to achieve optimal collaboration between all departments within your company. The result: transparency, shorter lines of communication, faster reaction times, increased flexibility and genuine teamwork. By connecting employees and ensuring that work can be carried out easily, everyone is kept up to date on developments concerning customers. Exact Synergy is a scalable solution. Start by automating one of many processes and expand when you’re ready to do so. Use Synergy to manage the following business processes:

  • HRM
  • Workflows
  • Document Mangement
  • Project Management
  • CRM
  • Social Collaboration

Want to find out more about Exact Synergy? Click here to find out how you can achieve optimal collaboration across all departments.

About GLM Systems

Since 2009, GLM Systems has been providing productivity-based solutions for Exact customers all over the world. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, GLM’s team is passionate on meeting business needs for Exact customers with the use of solutions like Exact Synergy Enterprise and Exact Globe. GLM has helped over 200 companies all over the world to expand the boundaries of what is possible with our solutions. GLM’s solutions meet the needs of businesses in the oil & gas, construction, food, energy, software, pharmacy, finance, aerospace, automotive, mining and electronics industries.

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