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Spring '22 Release: New in Exact Insights

Spring '22 Release: New in Exact Insights

At Exact, we believe it is important to maintain a good overview of your figures so that you can make quick decisions based on the right insights. To achieve this, our product is subject to continuous innovation. Our Spring '22 Release presented all the newly implemented innovations for our various solutions. Find out which innovative features are now included in Exact Insights

Augmented Analytics 

We have implemented several Augmented Analytics enhancements for better Insight Advisor visualisations. 

Period Comparison Dashboard  

When you select or search for certain fields, you are presented with more period comparison analyses in the form of full dashboards. Instead of a simple chart, you get one or more charts and KPIs with a filter field. This allows you to make selections and examine comparable performance in more detail. 

Support for dollar sign expansions 

It is now possible to recognise expressions in variables and use these when generating analyses. This allows users who manage expressions in variables to generate more relevant insights. 

New customisation options  

New parameters have been added for the refinement of analyses generated by Insight Advisor. Options include setting the trend direction and sorting order of a measurement, specifying favourite types of analysis for the system to use and specifying the general aggregation type for complex expressions. 

  • Favourable trends: Determines whether the desired trend for a measurement increases or decreases. 
  • Favourite: Identifies whether a measurement is of interest to Insight Advisor, causing Insight Advisor to use the measurement more often when generating visualisations without user queries or selections. 
  • General aggregation: Helps Insight Advisor determine which aggregation to use for queries that contain master measurements with complex expressions and where the aggregation is not clear in advance. 

Improved visualisations and dashboards 

Thanks to improvements to the grid chart, you can now display labels for every data point in a chart. There are two grid chart layouts, Standard and the new Heatmap option, in preparation for the Heatmap expansion being dropped in this version. The Heatmap layout adds a heatmap chart's functionality to the grid chart. From this version onwards, the Heatmap chart expansion will no longer be supported. 

Improved variables management  

A flexible Variables Dialogue facilitates the management of chart variables. It displays all variable elements such as the name, description, value and tags, and allows you to add, sort, search and duplicate variables. You can even delete multiple (up to 20) variables at once. These capabilities reduce manual work and help make teams more efficient. 


  • The Qlik Sense Connector for Google Drive is part of Qlik Sense Enterprise Client-Managed. It allows you to access data stored in Google Drive and load it directly in your Qlik Sense app. 
  • The Qlik Google Drive and Spreadsheets Metadata connector is included in Qlik Sense Enterprise Client-Managed from now on. 
  • The new Amazon Redshift Connector provides authentication support, allowing you to use authentication of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) credentials. 


  • Formatting options are now supported when exporting straight tables to Excel. From now on, exported tables will contain totals and the same layout shown in Qlik Sense. 
  • There are many new examples of features used in chart expressions and load scripts. 
  • There is a tutorial on how to create set expressions for set analysis. 

Spring '22 Release

Every quarter we inform you about our latest product innovations and developments. That way, you can get the most out of your Exact software. Discover all the innovations we've included in our Spring '22 Release.

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