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New innovations in Exact SRXP

New innovations in Exact SRXP

With the Winter’22 Release, we’re once again adding lots of new innovations to our products, including Exact SRXP. Find out what we’ve updated and how these improvements help you do even more.

Exact SRXP

In 2019 Exact acquired SRXP, the market leader in expense software in the Netherlands. And now it's time to streamline our products. That’s why Exact Expense Management will now be called Exact SRXP. Even though the name has changed, Exact SRXP still gives you all the features you’re used to. The same goes for our product development and services.

Overview of the new functionalities in Exact SRXP

For context, all admin tables in Exact SRXP can be exported using the CSV button located just above the table. The exporting feature has been redesigned to handle bigger exports (in other words, exporting more lines). With the new improvements, administrators can export up to 25,000 records/lines in a single process. Before, the limit was 2,000 lines.

When importing resources, now you can save time by using the ‘Last 30 days’ filter. This means that only changes from the last 30 days will be imported, instead of importing all resources again.

Business rules

Until now, all business rules had to be created manually. The new CSV import and export functionality lets you manage business rules more easily in Exact SRXP, saving you time and work. For per diem rates, you can now enter €0 as an amount.

Automatic approval/skip approval business rule

This feature allows reports to skip the approval stage, going directly from status ‘Submitted’ to status ‘Approved’ without the need for manager/manual checks as long as the conditions defined in the business rule are met. The first version of this feature will only allow one condition per business rule. We are working to allow multiple conditions in a future update. For example: If (1) Report total < EUR 50 and (2) Individual expenses amount < EUR 10, then Skip approver.

User experience improvements

UX improvements will be introduced in the different overlays in the web portal, especially the Receipt and Mileage overlays, making them easier to read and fill out. In addition, we’ve improved the User Interface to give all overlays the same look and feel.

At your request, we’ve also increased the number of address entries in the address book from 5 addresses to 10. To add a new address to the address book, go to Profile > Address book > Add > New address.

Ready for export status

  • Ready for export = Ongoing report status:

In the past when exporters marked a report as Ready for export, the changes were stored in their browser. A side effect of this was that when they refreshed the page, the reports went back to the Reports overview.

Now: Ready for export will be an actual report status, stored in the database and served by the API, like other report statuses. The benefit of this is that even if exporters refresh the page, reports marked as Ready for export will still appear.

  • Ready for export = shared status:

In the past when an exporter marked a report as Ready for export, only they could see that report marked as Ready for export. This was also because the status was only stored in the user's browser.

Now: When an exporter marks a report as Ready for export, all exporters will see that report as Ready for export.

Winter'22 Release

Every quarter we inform you about our latest product innovations and developments. This allows you to get the most out of your Exact software. Discover all the innovations we introduced for the Winter'22 Release.

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