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Exact for Wholesale Distribution / Manufacturing – Purchase order entry with the supplier item code

An item that has in your own system a unique code may have at the supplier an entirely different code, and with a second supplier yet another one. When the purchase order is entered it may be practical to search for the supplier item code. This is now possible in Exact for Wholesale Distribution and Exact for Manufacturing.

Once more on item codes

Generally it is not advised to use the supplier item code as our own item code. Each supplier has its own range and format of codes and if we collect items from a variety of suppliers we will end up with a hodgepodge of codes. If the same item is supplied by different suppliers we will have a choice to make and if we also may end up with creating a duplicate item with a different item code. Then there is the risk that one supplier has an item with code “1001”, and another supplier has a different item also with code “1001”. The supplier item code is potentially not unique. In the blog How to create a part number system? You can find tips for defining a robust item number system.

The supplier item code

On the item card, via the tab “Price management” (Purchase) we can add and maintain suppliers. We can also maintain the supplier item code:

Enter purchase orders with the supplier item code

On the purchase order entry screen we position on the field for Item code. If we press F2, the item browser screen will be shown. By a screen customization (tool icon in the right upper corner) we can add a search field for supplier item code, and we can also show the supplier item code in the lines of the search result. With this, we can search and select using the supplier item code:

Of course you can modify the purchase order layout to show the supplier item code:

This enhancement is made based on customer feedback. If you have an idea you can report it to Exact support or submit it via Support, Ideas (NL and BE only). You can also vote there on ideas submitted by other customers. We try to realize frequently liked ideas early.

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