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Exact for Manufacturing / Wholesale Distribution - Maintaining documents linked to serial and batch number items

We may assign a serial or batch number to items that we want to specifically identify. Reasons for assigning serial or batch numbers could be differences in composition or quality, to trace the origin of materials used, the delivery to specific customers or to maintain a service history. We can now also link documents to serial and batch number items to better comply with legislation and quality management standards.

Maintaining serial and batch numbers

When we want to assign serial or batch numbers to an item we should already prepare that property when creating or maintaining the item. Using serial or batch numbers is only supported in Exact for Wholesale Distribution and Exact for Manufacturing Advanced or Premium. Via the menu path [Inventory] Items, Serial numbers, Overview, or [Inventory] Items, Batch numbers, Overview we can look up a serial or batch number and by clicking on the number we can maintain its properties:

By clicking on the magnifying glass at Documents we can create and link one or more documents. At this moment we cannot yet create and link documents to a serial or batch number via [Documents] New document.

Viewing documents linked to serial- or batch numbers

If there are documents linked to a serial or batch number then an hyperlink is shown with “(number – View)”. By clicking on this link we are shown an overview of linked documents:

When we click on any of the documents in the overview we will be shown its contents:

Linking documents upon receipt of a serial or batch number item

When we receive a serial or batch number item from a supplier, from an assembly order or from a shop order then we are able to immediately link documents:

This enhancement is made based on customer feedback. If you have an idea you can report it to Exact support or submit it via Support, Ideas (NL and BE only). You can also vote there on ideas submitted by other customers. We try to realize frequently liked ideas early.

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