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Exact for Manufacturing Premium: Release Overview

Three editions of Exact Online for Manufacturing are available: Standard, Advanced and Premium. We will briefly explain the purpose of the Premium edition and its content. Premium has been developed for small and medium repetitive manufacturers requiring mature material planning.

Which manufacturers benefit from Exact for Manufacturing Premium? Repetitive manufacturers create shop orders from sales orders and/or sales forecasts using the bill of materials and the (current) in-stock quantities. If we want to create shop orders from sales orders in the Exact for Manufacturing Standard or Advanced editions, we either have to create a separate shop order for each sales order (“order controlled manufacturing”), or we consolidate the demand of multiple sales orders into a single shop order taking the in-stock quantity into the calculation (“stock controlled manufacturing”). The drawback of the first mentioned method is a possible inefficiency (too many orders for the same part), while the drawback of the second method is that we possibly produce for sales orders that are too far out in the future and therefore will create higher inventories. With Premium we take best of both worlds, and more. Not only can we generate time phased shop orders (example: this week’s, next week’s), but we can also base our shop order generation (and even purchase order generation) on sales forecasts. Lastly, if we want to produce in a configure to order model, we can build components to stock based on a Master Production Schedule, while we build customized end-products to order.   Repetitive manufacturers frequently have the need to make efficient use of warehousing space. The ability to keep the same item on different storage locations contributes to that efficiency, as is the ability to store and retrieve items of a particular serial/batch number in order to pick by expiry date. Multiple storage locations per item is also supported in the REST API, which makes it easy for partners offering warehouse scanning applications to connect to the Exact for Manufacturing Premium data. Users of the Smart Shop Floor app connected to an Exact for Manufacturing Premium subscription can issue and receive items from and to storage locations of choice, including serial/batch items.   Lastly, as repetitive manufacturers often have more governance structure in their organization, they would like to implement approval steps for quotations and sales orders so that applied pricing, committed quantities and delivery dates are validated by a designated role in the company.   Release overview Exact for Manufacturing Premium edition inherits all functionality of Exact for Manufacturing Advanced edition and all functionality of Exact for Wholesale Distribution Premium edition. The functionality of Manufacturing Advanced is extended with:  

  • Multiple storage locations per item
  • Sales forecasting and Master Production Scheduling
  • Material Requirements Planning
  • Quotation and sales order approvals

  In addition, the Smart Shop Floor app is extended for issuing material from inventory to shop orders from a chosen storage location, and receiving products and by-products from shop orders to inventory on a chosen storage location.   Multiple storage locations per item Each inventory item is stored on one or more storage locations, provided that the used warehouse is using storage locations.   (Click to enlarge)   Sales forecasting and Master Production Scheduling (MPS) Entering weekly/monthly sales forecasts, generating sales forecasts from the delivery history, entering weekly/monthly Master Production Schedules to be used in the MRP calculation.   (Click to enlarge)   Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Maintaining safety stock per item/warehouse, purchase lead time and minimum purchase quantity per item/supplier. Calculating time-phased requirements for assembly orders and shop orders from gross requirements (orders and forecasts), calculating time-phase requirements for purchase orders from gross requirements (up to one level deep). Releasing planned (purchase, assembly, shop) orders into open orders.   (Click to enlarge)   Quotation and sales order approvals Assigning rights to users to approve quotations and sales orders. Prevent unapproved quotations and sales orders from progressing to printing/confirming.   (Click to enlarge)   How to order From a free trial subscription: proceed with Buy now (right upper corner). From a commercial subscription: proceed to pressing on your name (right upper corner), go to the tab My subscription, Change subscription (hyperlink in right upper corner) and upgrade to Exact for Manufacturing Premium.   (Click to enlarge)   Exact for Manufacturing Premium is general available as per 1 September 2018.

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