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Exact for Manufacturing – Print the shipping method on the shop paper

When the shop order is readied for delivery one would typically need to know how the product will be shipped. Will the customer collect the shipment? Is it going to be collected by DHL? Is there a transporter that collects the pallets? The field shipping method is meant for instructions for the delivery. We can enter it already in the quotation and sales order, and we can print it on the quotation form and sales order confirmation, but we prefer not to distribute commercial documents to the shop floor. We can now also print the shipping method on the shop paper.

Shipping method on the shop paper

When we create a sales order or quotation we can select a shipping method. These shipping methods we can maintain ourselves via [Master data] Shipping methods. When we print the shop paper we can include the shipping method (code and description):

This enhancement is made based on customer feedback. If you have an idea you can report it to Exact support or submit it via Support, Ideas (NL and BE only). You can also vote there on ideas submitted by other customers. We try to realize frequently liked ideas early.

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