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Exact for Manufacturing Ease of Use: Being more than 1000% efficient

Not a delayed April fool’s day joke. Some work centers are simply able to produce multiple products at a time. Some tire curing press machines or injection molding machines can produce one, two or three products in one cycle. In the routing they are respectively set as 100%, 200% and 300% efficient. We were unaware that in the textiles and garments industries machines are sometimes capable of doing 16 t-shirts or 20 socks at a time. We lifted therefore existing restrictions in Exact for Manufacturing.

The 1000% efficiency restriction The efficiency percentage in the routing defines how many units of product we can process with the work center. If the efficiency is 100% (default), the run time entered applies for each unit of product. If the efficiency is 200%, we will produce two units of product in each cycle (run time entered). Until recent, in the maintenance of the routing (quotation routing, Bill of materials version routing, Shop order routing) we would not be able to set the efficiency percentage to 1000% or higher.   Allowing > 1000% efficiency We can now enter efficiency percentages of 1000% and higher:

This improvement is available as of now for all versions of Exact for Manufacturing. The Ease of Use project aims to make Exact for Manufacturing easier and more efficient using the feedback of customers. Do you think we can make Exact for Manufacturing better? Contact Exact support and we dive into your suggestion.

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