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Better insight with new features in Exact Insights

Better insight with new features in Exact Insight

At Exact, we are constantly innovating to optimally support companies in keeping a grip on their numbers and making the right decisions. In our Winter'21 Release, we are implementing new innovations for our various solutions. Find out which innovations have been implemented to deliver insights more quickly in Exact Insights.

Copy sheets between apps

Users can now copy sheets between apps to improve productivity for power users and application developers. This is a much-requested feature to provide you with faster insights.

Images in custom tooltips

You can now load custom images into tooltips for more formatting options. These can be images from the media library or references via a URL. This gives you more flexibility and improved options for app development, as images are a great way to provide additional context when hovering over an object.

Copy/paste measures between objects

To speed up app development, users can now quickly copy measures between graphs. This is a small but powerful feature enhancement that leads to faster insights within an organisation.

Other improvements for charts:

  • The ability to hide disclaimers in charts; you can now decide whether the disclaimer should be visible for additional data points or not.
  • The waterfall chart now supports 50 measures instead of 15.
  • Functionality for small charts has been expanded


Find out which other innovations we’ve implemented in the Winter’21 Release.

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