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Creating item surcharges, correctly processing packaging deposits and eco taxes in Exact

Statiegeld op emballage

Packaging deposits are an additional cost at the time of purchase, which you must clearly indicate on the order and invoice. Not only because of regulations, but also so that the customer can clearly see how much the item costs and how many surcharges (and of course things like VAT) have to be paid.

Define surcharge per product

Exact makes it possible to define and calculate surcharges per product. This is convenient as charges will soon  be levied in the Netherlands for barrels, trolleys, crates and pallets, and even small plastic bottles. It is also possible for companies in Belgium to correctly record and process eco taxes for  Bebat, Recupel and Auvibel.

Packaging and deposits

Up until now it was possible was possible to charge deposits by manually entering an additional article and order line. Quite a bit of work, whilst you also need to keep a close eye on the financial and accounting processes. Settlement of deposits for return packaging is already possible, thanks to the Returns function with which you can enter a negative order line.

The new ‘Item surcharges’ function allows you to register and settle surcharges per product in Exact Online, such as deposits. You maintain these surcharges separately, allowing you to apply multiple surcharges per product. Read all about the complete handling of deposits and return packaging in this special edition.

Eco taxes

You can also use product surcharges for the correct processing of eco taxes. This is an essential option, particularly in the Belgian market. Along with Bebat and Recupel, the surcharge functionality can also be used for Auvibel. Manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and retailers alike can communicate these taxes correctly to customers by using Exact Online and process them in their accounting.


Exact Online's Item Surcharges function is now available in the Advanced and Premium editions of Exact for Wholesale Distribution and Exact for Manufacturing.

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