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Exact Event Manager

Be proactive instead of reactive!

About Exact Event Manager

Most event management solutions define the events important to your organization, but with Exact Event Manager, from Exact Software, you get to define not only the events, but the actions you would like to take in response.

  • Eliminate manual tasks and human error
  • Generate early awareness and detection of problems
  • Align individual actions to priorities
  • Provide immediate and accurate information to key personnel

With Exact Event Manager you can...

  • Build triggers to generate alerts across your entire IT infrastructure
  • Manage customer accounts and instigate dialog
  • Automate your sales force and supply chain initiatives
  • Renew employee benefit renewals without the need for HR intervention
  • Track product lifecycles by automatically recording critical components at inventory levels
  • Generate alerts for risk management by establishing business event notifications of past due contracts, invoices and deliveries
  • Prevent production bottlenecks
  • Manage budgets, supplier project bids and binding service estimates
  • Automate email invoices and inventory tracking

Stories of successful Exact customers:

Agrifac Machinery

Agrifac Machinery

It's a piece of cake to review or update your production plans in Exact


Thanks to Exact we can now focus more on the needs of our customers.