What is new in Exact Warehouse Management?

Exact WMS continues to develop. The latest release (release 413) has also seen various improvements made to Exact WMS, for more efficient and smarter warehouse management. ‘Connectivity’ has been a focus area for Exact Development for a number of years. This makes digitisation in the supply chain and on the workfloor possible.

What have we done?

Exact has been investing heavily in ‘connectivity’ for a long time. This makes it simpler to directly connect mobile devices or machines, but also to connect customer or supplier systems to the Exact Software. This minimises ‘manual work’, reduces errors and is also faster.

In the most recent product update, release 413, new web services have become available for manufacturers and wholesale distributors. This allows us, for example, to offer the option to digitally connect manufacturing machines to the Exact E-WMS solution.

The following transaction types are now supported with the 413 release:

  • Manufacturing receipts
  • Manufacturing issues (free issues)
  • Purchase receipts (free receipts)
  • Inventory transaction receipts
  • Inventory transaction issues

These WMS web services create the transactions in E-WMS, just like a scanner does, but digitally.


This allows us, for example, to digitally read the suppliers’ receipt or from a manufacturing machine in real-time. In many cases, the manufacturing system knows exactly which item has been manufactured, with the quantities and batch information, including the date of manufacture, use by dates, etc. We can now digitally read this information into E-WMS, when and where it occurs.

Connectivity also offers other applications, for example, ‘pick to light’ order picking. At our Dutch customer BONFIX the Order Picker reads exactly what products to take and where they are located. Once they have fetched the item, a light signal indicates for which order this product is intended. The light next to the correct box illuminates. This allows the Order Picker to handle many orders at the same time error-free. This saves them a lot of miles running around the warehouse and reduces errors to almost nil. At BONFIX, this method allows double the amount of orders to be picked as previously with the same crew.

Would you like additional information?

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