Extending the Enterprise with Exact Synergy and RPA

Ambitious companies all over the world are choosing Exact Synergy and RPA to extend their enterprises with supply chain partners.

Exact customers are subscribing to Exact Synergy and Exact’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution to “extend their enterprise” with key customers, suppliers, and supply chain partners.  Guy Ockerlund, president and CEO of Ox Box, a manufacturer of heavy-duty corrugated manufacturing products, believes Exact Synergy and RPA are the solutions that bring his entire supply chain closer together:

“At Ox Box, our key success factors include our capabilities, dependability, and speed. We can deliver on our customer demands through reliable processes, supported heavily by Exact software.  With Exact Synergy and RPA, we have tailormade workflows and automated processes, giving us a best-in-class approach to accomplishing our company goals.” 

Exact RPA’s connectivity features enable businesses to connect their internal software solutions with the solutions of their customers and suppliers, providing windows of information and automation between companies. Combined with Exact Synergy workflow, document management and social functions, the RPA view builder gives companies the ability to share and interact on business data without compromising security. With the RPA rules engine, companies can automate traditionally manual business processes while extending those automations to the extended enterprise.

Philip Bini, a country manager for Exact, believes Exact Synergy and Exact RPA are critical investments for companies seeking to eliminate technology barriers inside and outside of their businesses:

“Exact Synergy and RPA gives companies the ability to influence supply chains and showcase their business process expertise across company lines. By connecting selective aspects of different business systems together, the features of Exact Synergy and RPA gives companies like Ox Box the ability to improve business outcomes with their customers (and suppliers). We believe when companies implement our software, they can improve supply chain transparency, increase collaboration effectiveness and achieve better results in their respective markets."

As for the future, Guy Ockerlund sees a world of possibilities with Exact RPA to extend his enterprise:

“Our creative use of Exact Synergy is a key enabler for our ongoing success and competitive differentiation in the marketplace. As we use Exact RPA to design new methods of collaboration with key supply chain partners, Exact will continue to play a critical role in our ability to provide business process excellence and expand on our market-leading presence.”

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With Exact Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Exact Synergy, companies are saving money while increasing productivity through business process automation and better insights into data. Exact RPA lets you integrate your Exact Synergy environment with Exact Globe, Exact Online, and other enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. Using Exact RPA, companies can bring ERP transactions to life with Synergy workflow, social and document management features, while automating repetitive workflow and ERP activity resulting from RPA insight. For more information on how Exact RPA can benefit your company, click here.

For more information on Ox Box Manufacturing please click here.

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