Ring in 2024: Trattos Group joins the Exact Partner Program

Trattos Business Tech Advisors, an emerging technology and business partner provider with coverage across the United States and Latin America, has recently joined the Exact International partner community.

A provider of technology and business partner based solutions, Trattos is made up of business professionals with more than 25 years of experience, servicing 330 businesses in over 850 different projects. Trattos is committed to providing exceptional service and support, striving to bring current and emerging technology solutions to every customer serviced.

Christian Orellana, Managing Director of Trattos, indicates that Trattos brings a wealth of experience and associated technology partnerships into the Exact community:

“This collaborative alliance signifies a compelling opportunity to proactively position oneself at the forefront of technological advancements, harnessing the complete potential inherent in delivering competitive software solutions. The synergy between Trattos' profound industry acumen and technical proficiency, in conjunction with Exact software solutions, forms an ideal symbiosis tailored to optimize your operational processes and drive unparalleled operational excellence.”

Exact North American Country Manager Philip Bini sees the signing of Trattos as continued momentum in Exact's support for emerging business partners in the United States and Latin American countries: 

“We are excited to bring Christian and his colleagues into the Exact international family as his team of professionals are already held in high regard with Exact customers. Exact has a golden opportunity to continue igniting our Americas region with software and professional services resources who are enthusiastic with Exact software. By officially bringing the business development and consulting resources of Trattos into our community, we open even more doors of innovation to our customers in a way of Exact Globe+, Exact Synergy and Exact RPA.  This is an exciting time for the Exact user group community, Trattos and Exact.”

About Trattos Group

Trattos Group, established as a distinguished software consulting firm, specializes in delivering innovative technological solutions spanning diverse industries. Trattos Group unwavering commitment is to furnish organizations with indispensable insights, strategic direction, and implementation support, thereby prioritizing the unlocking of their full potential. Through the adept utilization of cutting-edge technologies and adherence to industry best practices, Trattos Group ensures a paradigm shift towards enhanced efficiency and productivity in the modern era. Recognizing the uniqueness of each business, Trattos Group steadfastly believes in crafting bespoke strategic approaches to cater to the distinct needs of their valued customers.

Click here to visit the website of Trattos Group.

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