Packaging HERO, Exact Synergy and Exact RPA

Ambitious companies all over the world are choosing Exact Synergy and Exact Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to extend their business relationships with supply chain partners.  

Exact welcomes Packaging HERO to the Exact community. Packaging HERO is the latest adopter of Exact Synergy, the preferred collaboration software of corrugated box manufacturer, Ox Box.

Guy Ockerlund, President of Ox Box, believes that Exact Synergy and RPA are the technology keys to improving and growing relationships with customers like Packaging HERO:

“Exact Synergy is the cornerstone software solution for our business at Ox Box. With the help of Exact business partner tice-it, we have now extended our enterprise by introducing supply chain partners like Packaging HERO to Exact Synergy and RPA."

Exact Synergy and RPA technology enable businesses to extend their businesses with supply chain partners with critical information, business process workflow and automation. 

As for the future, Don Esbjornson, President of Packaging HERO sees a world of possibilities:

“Packaging HERO is looking forward to increased collaboration and business process automation with Ox Box. As we expand on our collaboration goals with Ox Box, we look forward to exploring and expanding on the wide array of functionality that Exact Synergy and RPA offers.”

About Packaging HERO

Packaging HERO is a leading packaging materials company that develops custom-designed, cutting-edge packaging solutions to meet the unique needs of its customers. With over 25,000 in-stock SKUs available from our five distribution centers, we're able to meet all your next-day needs.

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About Exact RPA

With Exact Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Exact Synergy, companies are saving money while increasing productivity through business process automation and better insights into data. Exact RPA lets you integrate your Exact Synergy environment with ERP software and other productivity solutions. Using Exact RPA, companies can bring supply chains together and business transactions to life with Exact Synergy workflow, social and document management features, while automating repetitive workflow and ERP activity resulting from RPA insight. For more information on how Exact RPA can benefit your company, click here.

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