International leader takes flight into the Exact Cloud

Fifield Inc, an international provider of fabrics used in luxury goods and packaging displays, sources and sells high-end fabrics to many well-known brands in the United States, Europe, Hong Kong, and China.

As a mid-market organization with rapid international expansion, Fifield has continued to integrate its global operations with Exact. With a North American headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts and full-service entities in Hong Kong and China, Fifield’s competitive advantage is supported by its tight integration between its sales, operations, and finance activities. Each of Fifield’s business entities operate in harmony by managing master data centrally and in many different languages, performing intercompany transactions daily between entities. 

In order to improve service levels for all employees on a 24/7 basis, Fifield elected to replace its former cloud service provider with Exact Cloud Services. Bob Martin, Fifield’s System Consultant, chose Exact as a white-glove provider of cloud services:

“The international nature of Exact Business Software and the ability for us to adapt the software to our business model makes Exact a perfect match for Fifield. In the early years of our implementation, we chose a localized cloud hosting provider and experienced service level challenges. By choosing Exact Cloud Services, we have production and development environments with best-in-class service level agreements for all our employees in the United States, Hong Kong, and China.”

With more than 675,000 Exact customers deployed, companies using Exact benefit from services that are hosted and delivered from the Exact Cloud. The Exact Cloud Services team provides a fully managed service, taking care of hardware configuration, software maintenance, data storage, back-ups, connectivity, performance and threat protection from both perimeter and application layer attacks.

Norbert Ruizeveld, customer support manager for Exact Cloud Services, believes the decision to move to the Exact cloud, is especially important for companies looking to expand their market presence:

“On top of a secure and stable platform, the cloud team provides a skilled support desk with multiple interfaces into the wider Exact organization. Our ability to do this ensures a solution for any type of case whether it is platform or software related. This reduces the need for a team of IT specialists and focus can be kept towards running the company goals.”

As for the future of Fifield, Bob Martin sees Exact playing a continued role in the evolution of Fifield’s global expansion:

“Fifield has always relied on the cost-effective, international aspects of Exact software, operating on a Microsoft technology stack. With the support of Exact Cloud Services, Fifield’s business will continue to grow while harnessing emerging technologies of Exact and Microsoft, securely and sensibly, on the solid foundation of the Exact Cloud.”

Exact Cloud Services

The Exact Cloud provides the ultimate workplace for you to work efficiently and securely using the very latest technologies. In addition to providing a best-in-class cloud infrastructure, Exact can also be your IT experts to ensure that your Exact solutions are always available and operating at optimal performance levels. For more information on how to take flight with Exact Cloud Services, click here.

For more information on Fifield, Inc please click here.

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