Exact technology partner introduces ConnectIt for Exact Synergy Enterprise

GLM Systems, an application development partner of Exact, introduces ConnectIt, an add-on solution connecting enterprise resource planning (ERP) and financial applications with Exact Synergy Enterprise.

ConnectIt gives companies the ability to connect their ERP solutions with Exact Synergy Enterprise. ConnectIt was developed with three principles in mind: making transactional ERP information easily available for more people in a business, allowing for people in companies to naturally interact on their transactions, and providing the ability to automate frequently performed transactions within the business.

GLM Systems founder, Gijs Lamers, provides perspective: “GLM has had a long history with Exact, both as providers of add-on solutions for Exact Synergy Enterprise and as users of the software. With our latest offering, ConnectIt, many more businesses will now enjoy the same benefits that we have received from Exact since our company was founded: easier access to business information, collaboration features for people in business, and tools to automate transactions that occur every day.”

As an add-on solution for Exact Synergy Enterprise, ConnectIt gives companies powerful functionality to complete their ERP experience by sharing, interacting and automating ERP information:

  • A multi-purposeful connectivity framework for connecting to and mapping master data to commonly used, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and financial applications
  • Prepackaged integrations for select ERP systems like SAP Business One and Acumatica ERP solutions
  • A view and report builder functionality for presenting transactional information from ERP platforms into Exact Synergy Enterprise workspaces
  • An extensive rules-based engine that connects Exact Synergy’s interaction layer of workflow, document management and social functionality to ERP transactional information

Len Reo, president of The Attivo Group, an Exact International business partner, believes this functionality will make Exact Synergy Enterprise even more relevant to his customer base:

”ConnectIt will provide an incredible opportunity for users of SAP Business One and other ERP systems to extend their software to everyone in their organization. Through workflow, document and project management in Synergy, users will be able to share information, interact in a common medium beyond email, and automate business processes that were previously outside of their company’s standard business system. There will only be one version of the truth about accounts, items, people and processes and singular, controlled methods for handling common business functions. I am very excited to begin using the power of ConnectIt for users of SAP Business One and other systems to help them gain the efficiencies and controls that Exact Synergy Enterprise has to offer every organization!”

Exact International partner Jay Porras, CEO of The Donas Group and of, believes GLM Systems may have just established a new benchmark for productivity at his customer sites: :

“With ConnectIt, the entire organization can apply the fundamental principles that GLM has developed; transactional availability, natural interaction and automation, with Synergy’s core competencies to achieve the potential that they were looking for in their software investment.”

Exact Synergy

With Exact Synergy you’re able to achieve optimal collaboration between all departments within your company. The result: transparency, shorter lines of communication, faster reaction times, increased flexibility and genuine teamwork. By connecting employees and ensuring that work can be carried out easily, everyone is kept up to date on developments concerning customers. Exact Synergy is a scalable solution. Start by automating one of many processes and expand when you’re ready to do so. Use Synergy to manage the following business processes:

  • HRM
  • Workflows
  • Document Mangement
  • Project Management
  • CRM
  • Social Collaboration

Want to find out more about Exact Synergy? Click here to find out how you can achieve optimal collaboration across all departments.

About GLM Systems

Since 2009, GLM Systems has been providing productivity-based solutions for Exact customers all over the world. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, GLM’s team is passionate on meeting business needs for Exact customers with the use of solutions like Exact Synergy Enterprise and Exact Globe. GLM has helped over 200 companies all over the world to expand the boundaries of what is possible with our solutions. GLM’s solutions meet the needs of businesses in the oil & gas, construction, food, energy, software, pharmacy, finance, aerospace, automotive, mining and electronics industries.

Click here to visit the website of GLM Systems and learn more about ConnectIT for Exact Synergy Enterprise.

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